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Three ways to make the most of Easter in Spain


Seville’s Semana Santa procession is an iconic way to experience Easter in Spain, but is it the most enjoyable?

Easter in Spain is nothing like the Easter you may be used to back home. Here, it is swallowed whole by Semana Santa – or Holy Week – which, as the name suggests, is a week-long celebration of all things holy.

But this being Spain, religion is intertwined neatly into all manner of fun and frivolity, making this holiday arguably the most cherished among Spain’s many national celebrations. The fact that weather pretty much turns absolutely glorious right on cue also helps, so if you’re new to Spain this Easter period, here are three ways to maximise your fun in the springtime sun…

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30 degree weather for Easter? Welcome to Spain

This Easter promises to be a scorcher in Spain.

Death, taxes, saturated media coverage of pre-election posturing – these are life’s certainties, with death probably the least painful of the three.

Just missing the cut on the certainty stakes is Spain’s weather. Nearly uniformly excellent and uplifting, it can – occasionally – surprise you…

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Easter hols to Costa del Sol 15% cheaper than last year

Rising temperatures and falling prices: a perfect Costa del Sol combo for Easter.

If you’re thinking about heading to the Costa del Sol this Easter to enjoy some early summer sunshine then you are in luck – a report by the Post Office has found that a typical holiday in the region is 15 per cent cheaper this year compared to 2014…

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The Blairs spend Easter on the Costa del Sol, and get star treatment…

The Blairs and Antonio Banderas in Málaga

Bernardino León, Antonio Banderas, Cherie Blair, Tony Blair & Mayor of Málaga Francisco de la Torre

While David Cameron was getting away from it all in the Canary Islands – and famously getting stung by a jellyfish in the process – former British PM Tony Blair and his family chose to spend their Easter break on the Costa del Sol this year, where they are said to have been staying with friends who have a mansion in exclusive La Zagaleta…

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Top 5 tips for enjoying Easter in Spain

For a slice of Spanish tradition this Easter, why not head to San Pedro de Alcantara?

Santa comes but once a year. Across the Anglo-speaking world he’s a jolly fat man in a red suit with a rather lax approach to breaking-and-entry laws, healthy eating, and the laws of physics.

But in Spain, Santa comes a little later in the year and sticks around for more than a week. Semana Santa means Holy Week in Spanish, and is a celebration of Easter that is one of the most spectacular and hotly anticipated dates on the Spanish calendar… Continue Reading

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Images of the Week 9: Share the Passion… Easter Week in Málaga


Only three countries – Spain, Italy and Israel – are world renowned for the splendour, devotion and sheer intensity of their week-long Easter celebrations. For those on the Costa del Sol, Málaga’s 8-day ‘Semana Santa’ festival – running uninterrupted from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday and classified as being of International Tourist Interest – is absolutely in a class of its own. Not nearly as sombre as you might imagine, Holy Week isn’t just a religious event. It’s also a celebration of spring and the renewal of life in general. So as the sacred meets the hedonistic… and Christian and pagan influences seamlessly merge, an atmosphere
that’s both totally unforgettable and entirely unique is the inimitable result. Just take a look at these stunning images captured by VIVA’s own resident photographer Jorge Morales, and you’ll see what we mean!

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