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Costa del Sol food bank calls on expats for help


BANCOSOL needs 5,000 volunteers to lend a hand between November 27 and 28 at supermarkets across the Málaga province.

Expatriates living on the Costa del Sol have been urged by the BANCOSOL food bank of Vélez-Málaga to lend a hand, give up their time and donate much-needed food as part of the food bank’s annual Gran Recogida food drive.

The campaign is to be held at the end of November and is targeting thousands of the – largely wealthy – expats who call the Costa del Sol their home to help out…

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12 Spanish airports now offer free WiFi


Wait, WiFi, fly: Spanish airports will soon boast free WiFi for all passengers.

The strange, expensive and sometimes downright boring world of airports has just gotten a little more pleasant today following the news that Spanish state operator AENA is to provide free WiFi across 12 of its airports – including Málaga – from this week…

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Google Streetview brings Spain’s El Caminito del Rey to your living room

The El Caminito del Rey footpath at El Chorro Gorge is free to walk along until the end of this summer... but you can now do it from the comfort of your sofa.

It has been dubbed ‘the most dangerous walkway in the world’, and had been closed for 15 years following the deaths of five intrepid walkers before it was repaired and reopened in March this year – and now El Caminito del Rey has been traversed by none other than Google Streetview…

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A compulsory siesta law? Only in Spain

Ador, near Valencia, is making it compulsory for the town's inhabitants to take a break between 2pm and 5pm.

Only in Spain do you have to tell the barman to leave just a little room for the mixer when you order a rum and coke. Only in Spain do you need an extra table brought to your table when you order a paella. And only in Spain do you have to dodge little ones running between your feet across the local village square at midnight as you try to weave your way to your favourite table…

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Málaga: Here for the (cheap) beer

Drinking beer in Málaga is both a fun and affordable pastime.

A return flight costs less than 200 quid; the flight time is under three hours, and summer temperatures barely drop below 30ºC for weeks on end.

Yep, there are many reasons to choose Málaga for a week or even weekend away in the sun, but the news that the city serves the fourth-cheapest beer in the world may well swing it for thousands of thirsty travellers…

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Foreign money boosting Spain’s property market, reports the FT

The recent recovery of Spain's luxury home market has been boosted by foreign capital.

The Financial Times (FT) – one of the most respected newspapers in the world – turned its attentions to Spain’s property market last week, reporting that foreign buyers are driving a sustained recovery in the Spanish property market, as reported previously by VIVA

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US firm to invest heavily in Spanish property

Stronger regions of Spain - including the Costa del Sol - are seeing rising demand for extra housing.

A private-equity investment firm from the US has announced plans to invest more than €500 million into the Spanish housing market to plug a gap created by soaring demand.

Despite there remaining an oversupply of unsold homes in some parts of Spain, billionaire-backed Lone Star Funds has identified regions where there is “solvent demand” for property driven by Spaniards and foreign buyers with the capacity and desire to buy…

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Spain’s hotels swotting-up in preparation for Chinese influx

Chinese tourists bring bags of cash, but also demand certain standards, services and behaviours from their hosts.

No physical contact upon greeting, menus in Mandarin, and no rooms on the fourth floor or with a number four in them: these are just a selection of the holes many Spanish hotels are willing to jump through this year in order to win the approval of Chinese tourists…

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Barcelona so popular it wants to LIMIT tourism

The world and his wife wants a piece of Barcelona, but the incoming mayor has other ideas.

Cities and resorts the world over spend a pretty penny trying to convince tourists and travellers to visit them, spending their cash, snapping their sights and sampling their local delicacies and produce.

But the incoming mayor of one Spanish city has decided that enough is enough, and has mooted plans to introduce a cap on tourist visitors

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Elton John to return to Costa del Sol after decade-long hiatus

Sir Elton John, 68, will be appearing in Málaga on July 15.

British pop superstar Sir Elton John is set to perform in Andalucía for the first time in ten years this summer.

The crooner, 68, will appear on July 15 at Málaga’s Palacio de los Deportes Martín Carpena arena in what will be his first show in the region since appearing at the Mijas Hipódromo in 2005.

Best known for his inimitable piano-driven anthems and lovelorn ballads, Sir Elton has enjoyed an enviable five-decade career at the apex of the pop industry, and his reappearance in Andalucía is sure to be highly anticipated

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