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Spain’s booming tourism sector set to grow a further 3.8% this year


Even in the winter months, resorts such as Puerto Banús are adept at drawing the crowds.

It has driven the Spanish economic recovery, put smiles – and a healthy glow – on the faces of millions of Brits every year, and has been responsible for one in five of all jobs created in the country so far this year – and now Spain’s superb tourism industry is on course for a bumper 2016…

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22% of tourists to Spain in February were British, data shows


Spain has enjoyed another strong start to the year in terms of its excellent tourism industry.

British holidaymakers flocked to Spain in their droves in February, comprising 22 per cent – more than one in five – of all foreign visitors to the country for the month, data from the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE) has revealed.

In total, February saw 3.7 million tourists visit Spain, of which 807,000 came from the UK. Overall, this figure amounted to a 13.7 per cent increase on the same month in 2015, highlighting Spain’s enduring and growing popularity as Europe’s leading holiday destination. For British visitors, the increase was even sharper at 17.1 per cent…

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Spanish property enquiries soar in 2016

Spain has enjoyed a memorable summer, and it's not over yet...

2016 has been a great year so far for Spanish property.

Property hunters around the world are searching for homes in Spain in ever-greater numbers, according to new data from’s latest Hotspots Index.

The index has revealed that the number of searches related to Spanish real estate has almost doubled so far this year compared to 2015, with the country dominating the Top 50 rankings list…

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Seville’s splendour gets the big screen treatment on Channel 4


Rob Delany (left) and Richard Ayoade spent 48 hours in Seville, and loved every minute of it…

Good Friday and time to settle down in front of the gogglebox. Easter TV in the UK is usually a mixed bag of new Springtime specials, made-for-TV biblical epics and, of course, the Great Escape

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Three ways to make the most of Easter in Spain


Seville’s Semana Santa procession is an iconic way to experience Easter in Spain, but is it the most enjoyable?

Easter in Spain is nothing like the Easter you may be used to back home. Here, it is swallowed whole by Semana Santa – or Holy Week – which, as the name suggests, is a week-long celebration of all things holy.

But this being Spain, religion is intertwined neatly into all manner of fun and frivolity, making this holiday arguably the most cherished among Spain’s many national celebrations. The fact that weather pretty much turns absolutely glorious right on cue also helps, so if you’re new to Spain this Easter period, here are three ways to maximise your fun in the springtime sun…

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Largest number of Málaga business startups since 2007

Largest number of Malaga business startups since 2007

The province of Málaga recorded the creation of no fewer than 5,177 new companies in 2015.

With property sales, mortgage approvals and holiday bookings all increasing by leaps and bounds, the latest affirmation that Spain’s economic recovery is well and truly taking hold, this time comes in the shape of business startups – and the news that the province of Málaga (home to the Costa del Sol), recorded the creation of no fewer than 5,177 new companies in 2015, the highest number since the days before the crash in 2008…

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Spain’s Socialists get nod for leadership as end to stalemate looms


Could this man be Spain’s next Prime Minister? We will find out next week…

The political limbo that Spain has experienced since last December’s general election could soon be coming to an end following the news that the centre-right Ciudadanos (Citizens) party has backed a deal that would see it form a coalition with the Socialists, thus putting Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez in pole position to become prime minister.

Let’s back up a little. After Spain went to the polls on December 20 last year, voting revealed that no party garnered enough backing for an outright majority, meaning that the country would most likely have to form a coalition government for the first time in the post-Franco era…

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Cost of living and property cheaper in southern Spain than north, study finds


Cities in southern Spain are far more affordable places to live then their northern neighbours, a new study has found. The weather is usually better, too.

The great North-South divide that has shaped British politics, class and football rivalries for decades is not just restricted to the UK.

A new study by found that there are stark North-South divisions in Spain when it comes to living costs, but – unlike the UK – it is the south that offers the best value for money

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Brits spending £3.5 million every year to replace lost passports when abroad


Losing one’s passport while abroad is one of the biggest fears of many Brits. And it’s costly, too.

The UK’s refusal to enter into the Schengen agreement may be (serendipitously, or perhaps it was a concern all along) sparing the country from the brunt of the current refugee and migrant crisis hurting eastern and central Europe, but one annoyance of Britain’s stand-offish approach to further integration with Europe has always been the need to carry one’s passport when leaving or entering Blighty…

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Málaga Spain’s best city for life satisfaction


Stunning, affordable, friendly, accessible and blessed with that Costa del Sol climate, Málaga is a real gem of a city.

Can’t get no satisfaction? Then head to Málaga – the Andalusian city has been ranked as Spain’s best city in terms of providing its citizens with a ‘satisfactory’ lifestyle, and also ranks as one of the best in the EU for good living.

Data from a new Eurobarometer survey has found that Málaga places 11th of 79 European cities when it comes to quality of life, perhaps surprisingly beating out all other Spanish cities in the process…

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