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Are the slopes of northern Spain home to Europe’s first yeti?


Can you guess what it is yeti? Did a skier in Spain capture a yeti walking through the snowy peaks of the Aramón resort?

Skiers have a lot to worry about: those pesky beginners getting in everybody’s way; the tough decision of whether to traverse the black runs to impress your ski party; negotiating the après-ski bar at speed, and trying hard to find the perfectly pitched tone for your humble-brag Facebook posts (“Sore ankles after another day on the slopes – and I might be sunburnt! Pass me the wine!”), but now those lucky enough to enjoy the splendour of northern Spain’s Formigal resort can add another concern to that list – the chance of bumping into a full-size, mystical yeti

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Málaga Spain’s best city for life satisfaction


Stunning, affordable, friendly, accessible and blessed with that Costa del Sol climate, Málaga is a real gem of a city.

Can’t get no satisfaction? Then head to Málaga – the Andalusian city has been ranked as Spain’s best city in terms of providing its citizens with a ‘satisfactory’ lifestyle, and also ranks as one of the best in the EU for good living.

Data from a new Eurobarometer survey has found that Málaga places 11th of 79 European cities when it comes to quality of life, perhaps surprisingly beating out all other Spanish cities in the process…

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Cash-rich retirees looking forward to a life overseas

Romantic Moment on the Beach

As the Baby Boomer generation approaches retirement, their wealth and health is likely to mean more and more choose to retire overseas than ever before.

The lure of blue skies, warm evening air and the uplifting views of a traditional Mediterranean backdrop have long held an appeal for Brits of all ages raised on a climate of grey, damp, drizzle and wind that swirls and blusters with a maddening irregularity…

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Spanish second-most popular language on Facebook and Twitter


On social media, Spanish is second to English as the world’s most widely used language.

English is (perhaps ironically) known as the lingua franca of the world, with more people speaking it as a second language than any other. Whether at a bar in Germany, a restaurant in Thailand or hiking through the hills of Peru, chances are that a smattering of English gets most people a long way.

French, Chinese and Spanish have each long jostled for second-place in this unofficial chart, and new data released this week appears to show that Spanish has won the battle royale

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Spain ranked best place in the world for solo travel


Travellers hoping to see the world on their own can find no better place for solo travel than Spain.

Getting away from it all to find one’s inner self is becoming ever more popular as people have greater disposable incomes, travel becomes cheaper and the world opens up.

But solo travellers thinking of heading to the traditional “inner journey” locations of Thailand, Cambodia or South America need not look so far from home because a new report has found that Spain is actually the best country in the world in which to travel alone…

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Three ways to gain in Spain 2016


2016 is shaping up to be a great year for Spain, economically, socially, and in terms of its global image… why not be a part of it?

All of the evidence – be it from economists, real estate experts or tourism websites – appears to suggest that 2016 could well be Spain’s year.

But while GDP increases, record overnight stays and various percentage-point increases in property transactions are all well and good, what does it all mean to the average sun-seeking, home-hunting Brit hoping to enjoy their own small slice of Spain’s good fortune?

Well, whether you are interested in a sunshine summer getaway, a savvy investment or a change of lifestyle, here are three ways to take advantage of Spain’s expected upturn in 2016…

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Even the Aussies begin eyeing Spanish property


Everybody needs good neighbours, so could yours soon be Australian?

Plenty of regions and countries around the world like to lay claim to the fact that they are, in fact, ‘God’s Own Country’.

Be it a proud Yorkshireman, a teary Irishman marooned in a bar in Thailand, a flag-waving American keen on telling anybody who will listen why they hail from the Greatest Country on Earth, or even the quiet German, politely experiencing other cultures but silently ranking each as that-little-bit-inferior to their own.

Such nationalistic pride is understandable, and actually quite useful. The world is learning to embrace difference, but the flipside to that is a growing sense of remembering where you came from.

Australians are a great example of this…

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Spain provides second-highest life expectancy in the world

If you want to be healthy, happy and professionally content, then head to Spain.

Spaniards have low rates of heart disease and suicide thanks to their healthy diet and strong social and familial ties.

In the latest life expectancy report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Spain was ranked second among all advanced economies, behind Japan…

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Think you’re integrated in Spain? Take the test


There are many faces of an integrated Brit in Spain – how and where do you fit in?

Just because you wake up late, go to bed late and like to take long lunches doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fully integrated into the Spanish way of life (and it may mean you simply enjoy the good things in life a little too much).

Nor does speaking Spanish, eating nothing but jamon and olives, and insisting on using that thumb-and-pinky extended hand signal when enquiring whether anybody wants a drink make you a full-blown Spaniard – although it sure will make you appear like one to many…

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Costa del Sol remains best-value holiday destination

Heading to Spain will increase your chances of enjoying a summer fling, the survey found.

Holiday essentials are more affordable on the Costa del Sol than other leading resort destinations.

Families seeking an affordable holiday should head to the Costa del Sol after resorts in the region were once again named as the most affordable among the world’s more popular destinations.

A study by Post Office Travel Money revealed that the region works out cheaper than 11 other popular resorts for tourist essentials…

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