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January home sales in Spain rose more than 26% on last year

Author:   |  March 18th, 2016

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The numbers are good, in terms of prices, mortgages and volume.

The positive news stories for the Spanish property market just keep rolling in: latest data from Spain’s notaries has revealed that the number of property transactions recorded in January was 26.6% higher than the same month in 2015…

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Will 15-year expat vote law be abolished in time for EU Referendum?

Author:   |  March 17th, 2016

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If the British High Court rules in favour of the expat challenge, could every Brit abroad be eligible to vote in the forthcoming EU referendum?

This week a group of British expats launched a legal appeal at the British High Court challenging the current law that denies those who have lived abroad for more than 15 years the right to vote in UK elections

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Costa del Sold: five best ways to enjoy life in southern Spain

Author:   |  March 16th, 2016

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Spain is on course for another record year in tourism, with international visitors arriving in their droves.

The Costa del Sol is an addictive place, so are you ready to make the move?

The recent news that February 2016 was the hottest on record could have fooled your average Brit. Despite scientifically warmer weather, the year so far has been boringly typical: blustery, wet, grey and mild. And as March enters its mid-way point, the temperature has only begun to creep up ever-so-slowly, which means there are still at least two more months of predictably unpredictable gloom and squall.

Not so Spain. Record snow levels up on the Sierra Nevada mountain range aside, winter has been its usual brief self – occasionally crisp, often gorgeous, and invariably sunny and bright. But now the mercury really begins to shoot upwards, and it is about this time of year when sun-starved Brits begin dreaming of packing it all up and moving to the Costa del Sol.

Well, just as VIVA has implored many times before, this does not have to remain a pipedream. From property to employment, education to healthcare, Spain can cater for your needs. But if you were concerned that the sunny Costa del Sol is not for you, maybe these five reasons to move will help you make up your mind…

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Spanish property selling at fastest rate for five years

Author:   |  March 15th, 2016

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With 401,000 home sales last year, Spain’s property market is undoubtedly on the mend.

There were more than 400,000 homes sold in Spain in 2015 – the most in a single year since 2010 and a growth of 9.8% on the previous 12 months.

Data from the Ministry of Development published last week shows that there were 401,281 transactions, of which more than 114,000 were recorded in the fourth and final quarter. This strong end-of-year performance suggests that a strong tail-wind will blow into 2016, meaning this year is likely to see even more home sales recorded

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More people live in apartments in Spain than in any other EU country, study finds

Author:   |  March 14th, 2016

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Apartment buildings in Spain

A recent Eurostat survey finds that 66.5% of the Spanish population live in apartments, way above the EU average.

A recent survey carried out by Eurostat – a Luxembourg-based Directorate-General of the European Commission – has found that Spain is overwhelmingly in pole position among European Union nations when it comes to the percentage of its population that lives in apartments rather than in houses, with some 66.5% occupying flats versus 33.1% residing in houses…

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Report finds 81% increase in British demand for Spanish property

Author:   |  March 11th, 2016

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Moving can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be...

The Brits are moving back into the Spanish property market in their droves…

Figures released this week by the College of Property Registrars has revealed that the number of Brits buying property in Spain rose 81% in 2015 compared to 2014 – a staggering return to form for the market’s largest group of foreign investors…

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Largest number of Málaga business startups since 2007

Author:   |  March 10th, 2016

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Largest number of Malaga business startups since 2007

The province of Málaga recorded the creation of no fewer than 5,177 new companies in 2015.

With property sales, mortgage approvals and holiday bookings all increasing by leaps and bounds, the latest affirmation that Spain’s economic recovery is well and truly taking hold, this time comes in the shape of business startups – and the news that the province of Málaga (home to the Costa del Sol), recorded the creation of no fewer than 5,177 new companies in 2015, the highest number since the days before the crash in 2008…

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Spain Europe’s top country for making expats feel at home, finds survey

Author:   |  March 9th, 2016

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Spain leads the way in Europe when it comes to offering a warm welcome to expats.

The warm welcome one receives when moving to Spain is not just restricted to the hot gush of air that hits you as you step on to the tarmac at Málaga airport – it is increasingly found in the people you meet as you embark on a new life overseas.

A recent survey by HSBC Expat has ranked Spain as the most welcoming country in Europe when it comes to making new arrivals feel welcome…

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Spain's 'Golden Visa' scheme bearing fruit

Author:   |  March 8th, 2016

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Spain’s ‘Golden Visa’ permits non-EU nationals to travel freely throughout the EU

Following a somewhat slow start when the scheme was initially launched in 2013, Spain’s ‘Golden Visa’ initiative has gained a bit of traction, accounting for €911 million in property investment up until the end of 2015. Aimed at helping bolster recovery following the real estate crash and economic crisis towards the end of the last decade, foreign buyers were originally slow on the uptake, but a steady flow of €500,000-plus investments have injected a welcome and sizeable chunk of change into the ever-improving Spanish economy…

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UK foreign secretary expects reciprocal agreement with Spain if Brexit happens

Author:   |  March 7th, 2016

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UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond understands that many unanswered questions remain concerning the status of Brits abroad should the UK vote to leave the EU.

Amid fears that hundreds of thousands of Brits living in Spain might have to return to the UK if the country votes to leave the EU, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said that in all likelihood the UK and Spain would strike a reciprocal arrangement to allow foreign nationals to continue living in their countries

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