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Mortgage availability behind uptick in Spanish property market

40,000 homeowners with Blackstone as their mortgage provider will have more flexibility under the new plans.

Looser lending criteria is meaning more mortgages are being issued right across Spain.

Official data from Spain’s notaries published last week has revealed that the number of property transactions in Spain in the second quarter of the year rose once more in all 17 Spanish regions except for Navarra.

Driving this upturn is the easier availability of Spanish mortgages, with the number of mortgages granted in the country between April and June rising 26% on the same period last year…

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Five reasons why Brits are Spain’s biggest property investors


A Brit’s love for Spain runs deep and is not always easily explained… until now.

Amid the good news stories currently swirling around Spain’s property sector – and, more widely, its economy – one trend has been notably recurrent in recent months: the prevalence of British buyers.

Data published by Spain’s land registry has revealed that Brits have accounted for one in five property sales to foreign buyers in 2015. An unsurprising statistic, perhaps – but its very mundane nature is worthy of further investigation…

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Property in prime Spanish regions delivering returns, reports FT


Property in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Málaga and most parts of the Costa del Sol is beginning to deliver returns to investors.

Homes in many of Spain’s more popular areas have begun to generate good returns for investors who gambled on Spanish property during the lean years, reports UK newspaper the Financial Times.

Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and parts of the Costa del Sol are those Spanish regions where recovery has been most pronounced. Pent-up demand for affordable housing is now slowly being met as mortgage lenders have begun to loosen their belts and grease the wheels of the market…

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After Paris, London and New York, Chinese investors head to Spain


Spain’s cultural attractions are beginning to turn Chinese heads, as is the country’s recovering property market.

Some of the world’s wealthiest real estate investors hail from China, a land where the rich are astoundingly rich and the poor are, well, dirt poor. A growing middle class aside, China’s wealth divide has widened in recent years, prompting many of the country’s tycoons to seek safer havens for their money than China itself…

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Brits account for one-in-five Spanish properties sold to foreigners


The data shows that one-fifth of all properties sold to foreigners in Spain are bought by Brits.

Data from Spain’s land registry – the Colegio de Registradores – has confirmed what many leading real estate experts have long suspected: British buyers are far-and-away the largest single group of foreign buyers when it comes to Spanish property…

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Five reasons why Spanish property is hot again


Spanish property is back on the agenda for thousands of Brits, and with good reason.

The dream, they said, was over. The boom years for the Spanish property sector, which stretched like a gloriously debauched summer over the first seven years of the millennium, ended abruptly in 2008 as much of the world’s major economies were plunged into recession.

Spain was particularly hard hit, not least its construction sector, which only a few years before had been the driving force behind the economy’s sterling – if unsustainable – performance.

As the industry contracted, media outlets across much of Europe, particularly the UK, declared the dream of owning property in Spain over. With prices plummeting, few banks lending and even fewer – it felt – people actually able to afford to buy, there was an undoubted downturn.

But the dream never died, it just evolved. Today, as Spain’s economy shows encouraging signs of recovery, thousands of Brits have flocked back to the Spanish property market. This time their approach is less “how can I make money fast” and more “how can I realise the dream of owning a lovely, affordable home in Spain”.

And there are five key reasons just why this dream is becoming a reality for more and more Brits every day…

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Spanish construction sector boosted by 27% increase in property licences

Stronger regions of Spain - including the Costa del Sol - are seeing rising demand for extra housing.

Construction activity in Spain tailed off between 2007 and 2014, but permit approvals are on the up once more.

Figures released by Spain’s Ministry of Development have given the country’s construction industry a boost this week and increased confidence among the real estate sector that the recovery witnessed so far in 2015 is set to continue for years to come.

The data pertains to the number of building licences issued permitting the construction of new homes. In the first seven months of 2015, some 28,870 such licences have been permitted – a massive 27% increase on 2014, and the highest such figure for four years…

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TOWIE Stars back in Marbs for late summer fun

Having filmed an early summer TOWIE show, the gang is back in Marbella to film the beginning of next season.

There are more shoddy tanlines, tears and tantrums to come this summer as the cast of The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) jet off to Marbella once more to film an end-of-summer special.

With even the Essex Riviera shivering as September casts a grey pall over the UK, southern Spain is still shining under glorious blue skies, enjoying temperatures not seen in Britain since that summery week in early July…

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Credit agency confirms end of Spanish property slump

Most experts, analysts and media agree - Spain's property slump is well and truly over.

Fitch, one of the world’s leading credit ratings agencies, has issued an authoritative statement confirming that the fallow years for the Spanish property market are over, and projects “steady and stable” price growth over the coming years.

The report by Fitch echoes similar positivity from credit ratings agency Moody’s, which said last week that Spain’s improving property market will have a positive effect on the country’s banking sector and lending institute – a prediction given further credence by the recent news that mortgage lending is also on the mend

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Costa del Sol receives one quarter of all British property enquiries in Spain

Properties on the Costa del Sol are proving extremely popular once more with British buyers.

Data gathered over the past three years from overseas mortgage specialists Conti has revealed that 23% of all enquiries from Brits looking to buy Spanish property have been for the Costa del Sol

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