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Brits account for one-in-five Spanish properties sold to foreigners


The data shows that one-fifth of all properties sold to foreigners in Spain are bought by Brits.

Data from Spain’s land registry – the Colegio de Registradores – has confirmed what many leading real estate experts have long suspected: British buyers are far-and-away the largest single group of foreign buyers when it comes to Spanish property…

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Five reasons why Spanish property is hot again


Spanish property is back on the agenda for thousands of Brits, and with good reason.

The dream, they said, was over. The boom years for the Spanish property sector, which stretched like a gloriously debauched summer over the first seven years of the millennium, ended abruptly in 2008 as much of the world’s major economies were plunged into recession.

Spain was particularly hard hit, not least its construction sector, which only a few years before had been the driving force behind the economy’s sterling – if unsustainable – performance.

As the industry contracted, media outlets across much of Europe, particularly the UK, declared the dream of owning property in Spain over. With prices plummeting, few banks lending and even fewer – it felt – people actually able to afford to buy, there was an undoubted downturn.

But the dream never died, it just evolved. Today, as Spain’s economy shows encouraging signs of recovery, thousands of Brits have flocked back to the Spanish property market. This time their approach is less “how can I make money fast” and more “how can I realise the dream of owning a lovely, affordable home in Spain”.

And there are five key reasons just why this dream is becoming a reality for more and more Brits every day…

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Spanish construction sector boosted by 27% increase in property licences

Stronger regions of Spain - including the Costa del Sol - are seeing rising demand for extra housing.

Construction activity in Spain tailed off between 2007 and 2014, but permit approvals are on the up once more.

Figures released by Spain’s Ministry of Development have given the country’s construction industry a boost this week and increased confidence among the real estate sector that the recovery witnessed so far in 2015 is set to continue for years to come.

The data pertains to the number of building licences issued permitting the construction of new homes. In the first seven months of 2015, some 28,870 such licences have been permitted – a massive 27% increase on 2014, and the highest such figure for four years…

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Credit agency confirms end of Spanish property slump

Most experts, analysts and media agree - Spain's property slump is well and truly over.

Fitch, one of the world’s leading credit ratings agencies, has issued an authoritative statement confirming that the fallow years for the Spanish property market are over, and projects “steady and stable” price growth over the coming years.

The report by Fitch echoes similar positivity from credit ratings agency Moody’s, which said last week that Spain’s improving property market will have a positive effect on the country’s banking sector and lending institute – a prediction given further credence by the recent news that mortgage lending is also on the mend

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Costa del Sol receives one quarter of all British property enquiries in Spain

Properties on the Costa del Sol are proving extremely popular once more with British buyers.

Data gathered over the past three years from overseas mortgage specialists Conti has revealed that 23% of all enquiries from Brits looking to buy Spanish property have been for the Costa del Sol

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European Central Bank injects cash into Spain’s thriving mortgage market

Mortgage rates, approvals and customer confidence are all improving, prompting an injection of cash from the ECB.

Growing competition among Spanish banks, a recovering economy and a confident domestic market have convinced the European Central Bank (ECB) to boost Spain’s mortgage sector as the property market returns to strength…

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Revised inheritance tax law could mean compensation for 30,000 Brits

Thousands of Brits who have been unfairly taxed could now be due compensation from the Spanish authorities.

British people who inherited a holiday home in Spain between 2011 and 2014 were unfairly charged a high rate of inheritance tax (IHT), the European Court of Justice ruled last year, and now thousands of Britons may be eligible to claim back the charges that they were forced to pay…

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Spanish property index shows 5.12% price rise over past 12 months

Spain's property market is approaching a perfect storm of rising values and rising transactions.

Latest data from Spain’s Property Registrars has revealed that property prices have risen by an average of 5.12 per cent in the 12 months up to the end of June.

The Registrars’ latest index report also revealed that prices rose 2.65 per cent in the second quarter of the year compared to the first quarter. What’s more, compared to the second quarter in 2014 (the three months between April 1 and June 30), prices are up by 2.8 per cent year-over-year

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Spanish property renaissance hailed by Bloomberg

Spain's property and construction industry is looking bullish once again.

One of the largest, most respected and persuasive voices in the global media shone a complimentary spotlight on Spain’s “property renaissance’ last week – prompting an even greater level of confidence throughout the market than what was already evident…

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Spain could see 2% rise in property prices by end of 2015

Spain is on course to register 380,000 property transactions this year, with 2016 set to be even better.

A report compiled by influential Spanish commercial bank Bankinter has suggested that property prices in Spain could end the year two per cent higher than at the end of 2014.

The report also adds that Spain is likely to shift 50,000 new homes this year as the property recovery strengthens in both the new build and the resale home markets…

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