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2015 sees record decline in number of Spanish jobless

The queues are shorter, the jobs more secure: Spain’s employment market has begun to slowly improve.

Spain’s economy and job market isn’t quite out of the woods just yet, but official data from the country’s National Statistics Institute (INE) has revealed that the number of jobless fell by 354,203 last year – the largest-ever annual decline in unemployment…

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Terror threats elsewhere could see Spain enjoy bumper year for tourism


Having seen record numbers of tourists visit in 2015, Spain is on course for an even stronger year this year.

It is a well-known fact that January is the peak booking time for package holidays in the sun. As the festive distractions of Christmas fade from memory, leaving the cold and dark months of January and February stretched out gloomily ahead, thoughts invariably turn to summer sun and fun…

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Spain publishes official list of 2016 public holidays


Spain enjoys more public holidays than many other European nations, and they certainly make the most of them.

The Spanish government may currently be embroiled in tense discussions about how best to proceed following the most fragmented election in the country’s post-Franco history, but that hasn’t stopped officials from publishing the list of 2016’s official holidays.

Nationwide there will be eight public holidays, while each region will enjoy four additional holidays and two local ones. People living in Andalucía, therefore, can look forward to up to 13 days off this year, and maybe a few extra in the form of the famous “puentes”…

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Five things Spain taught the world in 2015

Spanish flag

Spain has had a very encouraging 2015, and the world could learn a lot from its experiences.

Around the world, 2015 has been an eventful and tumultuous year. But in Spain things have been relatively quiet, stable and encouraging – which is something the rest of the world should bear in mind for 2016.

Here are five things that Spain taught the world in 2015…

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New luxury beachfront resort for Marbella

Marbella - La Concha

Marbella has been identified by a major Hong Kong-based investment fund as a key area for investment

With initial plans for its development expected to be drawn up in January, the Platinum Estates Group – a Hong Kong-based investment fund – has recently acquired 170,000 square metres of prime coastal land at Las Chapas on the eastern outskirts of Marbella, where a 5-star hotel and 120 luxury villas are to be built…

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EU plans to lift digital borders in Europe


The EU is hoping to lift Europe’s digital borders by 2017, which would make it easier to view British TV online from anywhere.

The European Commission has announced plans to lift the digital borders in Europe that currently makes streaming services such as Netflix and the BBC’s iPlayer inaccessible in foreign countries.

If the borders are banished it would mean millions of Brits who either travel or live elsewhere in Europe will be able to catch up on their favourite BBC, ITV and Channel 4 shows via each respective channel’s online and on-demand services

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Brits still the biggest Xmas spenders, poll finds


The British festive spirit is most exemplified in the rush to splash the cash – Brits spend more than any other nation at Christmas time.

When it comes to spending at Christmas, Britons are world-beaters. From the hustle of London’s Oxford Street in December to the silent click, click, pay online ritual played out in lounges and bedrooms across the land in the run up to the big day, Britons spend more per individual than any other of the world’s 15 most developed, Christmas-celebrating nations…

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Spain elections: PP wins most votes but loses majority


The Spanish elections have thrown up more questions than answers, and the clock is ticking for the country to form a new government.

It could be that Spain’s traditional two-party electoral system is over. In the immediate aftermath of one of the most important and complicated elections in recent memory, it is still not clear just who will be able to form a government to steer Spain into next year and beyond

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Even the Aussies begin eyeing Spanish property


Everybody needs good neighbours, so could yours soon be Australian?

Plenty of regions and countries around the world like to lay claim to the fact that they are, in fact, ‘God’s Own Country’.

Be it a proud Yorkshireman, a teary Irishman marooned in a bar in Thailand, a flag-waving American keen on telling anybody who will listen why they hail from the Greatest Country on Earth, or even the quiet German, politely experiencing other cultures but silently ranking each as that-little-bit-inferior to their own.

Such nationalistic pride is understandable, and actually quite useful. The world is learning to embrace difference, but the flipside to that is a growing sense of remembering where you came from.

Australians are a great example of this…

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The food, the language, the people: the things Brit expats love about Spain


The happiest Brits in Spain love the people, the cuisine (and the wine!) and enjoy learning Spanish.

The stereotype of the culturally stunted ‘Brit Abroad’ – frequenting the same pubs, dining at greasy spoon cafes, failing completely to learn Spanish and only mingling with fellow expats – has held firm despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

But now a new survey of British expats currently living in Spain has revealed the trick to enjoying a long and happy life in the sun – integration, integration, integration

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