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Google Streetview brings Spain’s El Caminito del Rey to your living room

The El Caminito del Rey footpath at El Chorro Gorge is free to walk along until the end of this summer... but you can now do it from the comfort of your sofa.

It has been dubbed ‘the most dangerous walkway in the world’, and had been closed for 15 years following the deaths of five intrepid walkers before it was repaired and reopened in March this year – and now El Caminito del Rey has been traversed by none other than Google Streetview…

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Third summer heatwave bakes Spain

Spain's third weather warning in the space of a month means temperatures are once again set to soar.

We said at the beginning of the month that the news that Spain is set for a rather hot summer should not really be news at all.

But this time it is. Seriously. Having braced itself for temperatures to soar into the mid-40s at the start of July, and again a week ago, Spain is once more on high alert for scorching temperatures, with most parts of the country set to swelter in 40ºC+ conditions this week

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Spanish airport sold for €10,000

Ciudad Real airport opened in 2008 but has not handled a single commercial flight.

Spain’s infamous Ciudad Real airport – which became a symbol of the country’s recent boom-bust construction industry – has been sold to a group of international investors for just €10,000 – 100,000 times less than it cost to build.

Located south of Madrid, Ciudad Real airport has stood as a white elephant for the past few years. Having opened in 2008 just as the global financial crisis struck, the €1 billion airport never went into full commercial operation, and has stood largely empty ever since…

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More foreign investment as Spanish chain store sells 10% stake to Qatari investor

The new investment could see El Corte Inglés embark on an expansion strategy overseas.

Popular Spanish retailer El Corte Inglés has sold a 10% stake in the company to former Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani for a sum estimated to be around €1 billion

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A compulsory siesta law? Only in Spain

Ador, near Valencia, is making it compulsory for the town's inhabitants to take a break between 2pm and 5pm.

Only in Spain do you have to tell the barman to leave just a little room for the mixer when you order a rum and coke. Only in Spain do you need an extra table brought to your table when you order a paella. And only in Spain do you have to dodge little ones running between your feet across the local village square at midnight as you try to weave your way to your favourite table…

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Málaga: Here for the (cheap) beer

Drinking beer in Málaga is both a fun and affordable pastime.

A return flight costs less than 200 quid; the flight time is under three hours, and summer temperatures barely drop below 30ºC for weeks on end.

Yep, there are many reasons to choose Málaga for a week or even weekend away in the sun, but the news that the city serves the fourth-cheapest beer in the world may well swing it for thousands of thirsty travellers…

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Choose Spain for your summer hols, UK media says

From Majorca to Marbella, Benidorm to Barcelona, Spain really does have it all.

According to various sections of the mainstream UK press, Brits are “flocking back” to “old favourite” Spain in their droves following a summer of turmoil in rival Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Tunisia and Egypt…

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Author: 16/07/2015 [1] Comment 

80 per cent of Spaniards happy with their lives, finds poll

Cheer, here: Spaniards are, on the whole, happy with their lives in Spain.

Despite enduring a recent double-dip recession and high unemployment, the majority of Spaniards are “very happy” with their lives, according to a recent poll.

A survey in June by the Center for Sociology Studies (CIS) confirmed what many millions who visit the country every year already knew – life in Spain, despite certain setbacks, cannot fail to make you smile

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Author: 15/07/2015 [1] Comment 

Tour operators note rise in Spain bookings following Tunisia attack

The devastating gun attack is set to decimate Tunisia's tourism industry.

Thousands of sun-seeking Brits that cancelled their holidays to Tunisia after the beach attack in late June have switched in their droves to Spain, tour operators have reported…

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Mortgage relief on the way for 40,000 Spanish homeowners

40,000 homeowners with Blackstone as their mortgage provider will have more flexibility under the new plans.

The world’s largest private equity firm Blackstone Group – which holds the mortgages of around 40,000 homeowners in Spain – has announced plans to offer debt relief to any of its customers struggling with repayments…

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