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Revised inheritance tax law could mean compensation for 30,000 Brits

Thousands of Brits who have been unfairly taxed could now be due compensation from the Spanish authorities.

British people who inherited a holiday home in Spain between 2011 and 2014 were unfairly charged a high rate of inheritance tax (IHT), the European Court of Justice ruled last year, and now thousands of Britons may be eligible to claim back the charges that they were forced to pay…

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Spanish property index shows 5.12% price rise over past 12 months

Spain's property market is approaching a perfect storm of rising values and rising transactions.

Latest data from Spain’s Property Registrars has revealed that property prices have risen by an average of 5.12 per cent in the 12 months up to the end of June.

The Registrars’ latest index report also revealed that prices rose 2.65 per cent in the second quarter of the year compared to the first quarter. What’s more, compared to the second quarter in 2014 (the three months between April 1 and June 30), prices are up by 2.8 per cent year-over-year

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Spanish property renaissance hailed by Bloomberg

Spain's property and construction industry is looking bullish once again.

One of the largest, most respected and persuasive voices in the global media shone a complimentary spotlight on Spain’s “property renaissance’ last week – prompting an even greater level of confidence throughout the market than what was already evident…

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Spain ‘best example that Europe is doing things right’ says German finance minister

Wolfgang Schaeuble believes Spain is setting an example for others to follow.

The Finance Minister of Europe’s strongest economy has publicly and vocally praised Spain as an example that others should follow as the continent continues to pull itself out of the economic mire.

Wolfgang Schaeuble, Germany’s Finance Minister, speaking at a business conference in Berlin, said: “Spain is the best example that we’ve done a lot of things quite right in Europe…”

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Spain could see 2% rise in property prices by end of 2015

Spain is on course to register 380,000 property transactions this year, with 2016 set to be even better.

A report compiled by influential Spanish commercial bank Bankinter has suggested that property prices in Spain could end the year two per cent higher than at the end of 2014.

The report also adds that Spain is likely to shift 50,000 new homes this year as the property recovery strengthens in both the new build and the resale home markets…

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June sees 20% rise in property transactions compared to last year

Resale apartments enjoyed a strong June, with transactions increasing by more than 25% compared to 2014.

Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE) has just published its data for June, revealing that the number of properties to change hands that month rose by 19.4 per cent compared to the same month in 2014.

In total there were 37,641 properties bought and sold in June this year, continuing the trend that has seen the number of transactions increase each month for the past five months…

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Spain tourism figures shatter another new record

The beaches of Banús, the restaurants of Marbella, the attractions of Benalmádena - Spain has a lot to offer tourists of all types.

The first seven months of 2015 have attracted more than 38 million tourists to Spain – a figure that smashes all previous records.

State tourism figures released at the end of last week show that tourism has increased 4.7 per cent on last year, shattering the record number of tourists that arrived in Spain in 2014…

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Is social media to blame for this summer’s bull-run deaths?

The Pamplona bull run, pictured here, is perhaps the most famous of all of Spain's bull run festivals.

It’s been an abnormally bloody summer for Spain’s various bull-run festivals. Each year, like clockwork, reports of the first casualty – usually an inebriated American tourist – roll in, followed by perhaps one or two more.

Cue the usual hang-wringing about the danger and cruelty of it all, only for the same events to play out like clockwork the next year. But this year has been different. Very different…

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Author: 24/08/2015 [1] Comment 

Vuelta a España clicks into gear in Puerto Banús

La Vuelta '15 logoThe 70th edition of the Vuelta a España cycle race gets underway in Puerto Banús tomorrow, 22 August, at 6.40pm, with no fewer than four of the Tour’s 21 different stages taking place right here on the Costa del Sol… before crossing the finishing line in Madrid three weeks – and 3,357.1km – later, on 13 September…

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David Beckham makes £1 million profit on sale of Spanish mansion

David Beckham enjoyed four successful years living in Spain, on the outskirts of Madrid.

Observing the property transactions of the rich and famous is not usually the most accurate way to measure the strength of a nation’s property market, but one headline-grabbing sale this week has proved rather indicative of the recovering strength of the Spanish property market

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Author: 20/08/2015 [2] Comments 
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