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After Paris, London and New York, Chinese investors head to Spain


Spain’s cultural attractions are beginning to turn Chinese heads, as is the country’s recovering property market.

Some of the world’s wealthiest real estate investors hail from China, a land where the rich are astoundingly rich and the poor are, well, dirt poor. A growing middle class aside, China’s wealth divide has widened in recent years, prompting many of the country’s tycoons to seek safer havens for their money than China itself…

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Brits account for one-in-five Spanish properties sold to foreigners


The data shows that one-fifth of all properties sold to foreigners in Spain are bought by Brits.

Data from Spain’s land registry – the Colegio de Registradores – has confirmed what many leading real estate experts have long suspected: British buyers are far-and-away the largest single group of foreign buyers when it comes to Spanish property…

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Snowfall arrives in Sierra Nevada as ski season nears


The Sierra Nevada ski resorts are already dusted with the first layer of winter snowfall of 2015.

As September disappears into the rear view mirror, thoughts across much of Europe begin to turn to crisp autumnal mornings and a colourful kaleidoscope of foliage emerging across the tree canopies of the continent…

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Retired expats settle into life abroad more quickly than the young, poll finds

Older Couple Walking Along Beach

Retired expats are more likely to make their new country a home, more quickly, than the younger age group.

The expat tide may have turned – with a growing number of Brits heading for a new life overseas increasingly likely to be aged 25-35 – but when it comes to embracing a new country and culture, nobody quite does it like the pensioners do

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British expats getting younger, study finds

The number of British 25-35 year olds moving abroad has increased dramatically since 2011.

There was a time, probably from the mid-‘80s onwards, when the image of a typical British expat was easy to define.

Brits who lived abroad were of a certain vintage – at least 50-years-old – and loved nothing more than a good, old-fashioned British-red tan, life existing within a small triangle of beach, bar and greasy spoon cafe, and any attempts to learn the local language stretched barely any further than a few mumbled words of thanks

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Spain tops chart for expat social life and healthcare in latest survey

Safety, family life, socialising, healthcare and culture: if you’re an expat searching for these things, Spain is hard to beat.

The latest HSBC Expat Explorer Survey has published data this week that reveals Spain is considered the best expat destination in the world for an active social life and top-notch healthcare…

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Credit agency confirms end of Spanish property slump

Most experts, analysts and media agree - Spain's property slump is well and truly over.

Fitch, one of the world’s leading credit ratings agencies, has issued an authoritative statement confirming that the fallow years for the Spanish property market are over, and projects “steady and stable” price growth over the coming years.

The report by Fitch echoes similar positivity from credit ratings agency Moody’s, which said last week that Spain’s improving property market will have a positive effect on the country’s banking sector and lending institute – a prediction given further credence by the recent news that mortgage lending is also on the mend

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Costa del Sol receives one quarter of all British property enquiries in Spain

Properties on the Costa del Sol are proving extremely popular once more with British buyers.

Data gathered over the past three years from overseas mortgage specialists Conti has revealed that 23% of all enquiries from Brits looking to buy Spanish property have been for the Costa del Sol

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High street brands’ profits soar as Spanish consumer confidence returns

Zara is Inditex's flagship brand, and supremely profitable.

The name Inditex might not mean much to the average Joe or Jane on the street, but the clothing empire’s high street fashion brands certainly roll easily off the tongue for anybody who has ever spent a decent amount of time in Spain.

Zara, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Oysho and Uterqüe are all highly recognisable fashion brands across Spain and many parts of Europe and throughout the world, and are all owned by Inditex – which was founded by Galicia-born Armancio Ortega, who is known globally as Spain’s richest man

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Spanish life expectancy still one of the best in the world

Sunshine, buckets of fresh air and an endless, affordable supply of this stuff means Spaniards live healthily for a very long time.

Studies have long-proved the benefits of living a Mediterranean lifestyle, with all of the wealthy western nations that border the Med enjoying average life expectancies that exceed much of the rest of Europe, and most of the world.

And data published this week by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has revealed that Spain is pulling away – along with France and Italy – from the rest of the continent when it comes to life expectancy…

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