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Are the slopes of northern Spain home to Europe’s first yeti?


Can you guess what it is yeti? Did a skier in Spain capture a yeti walking through the snowy peaks of the Aramón resort?

Skiers have a lot to worry about: those pesky beginners getting in everybody’s way; the tough decision of whether to traverse the black runs to impress your ski party; negotiating the après-ski bar at speed, and trying hard to find the perfectly pitched tone for your humble-brag Facebook posts (“Sore ankles after another day on the slopes – and I might be sunburnt! Pass me the wine!”), but now those lucky enough to enjoy the splendour of northern Spain’s Formigal resort can add another concern to that list – the chance of bumping into a full-size, mystical yeti

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Málaga Spain’s best city for life satisfaction


Stunning, affordable, friendly, accessible and blessed with that Costa del Sol climate, Málaga is a real gem of a city.

Can’t get no satisfaction? Then head to Málaga – the Andalusian city has been ranked as Spain’s best city in terms of providing its citizens with a ‘satisfactory’ lifestyle, and also ranks as one of the best in the EU for good living.

Data from a new Eurobarometer survey has found that Málaga places 11th of 79 European cities when it comes to quality of life, perhaps surprisingly beating out all other Spanish cities in the process…

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Spain goes Full English for Eurovision in first time in its history


Barei has been chosen to represent Spain at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and will do so singing in English for the first time in Spain’s history.

The Eurovision Song Contest is an odd enough spectacle at the best of times, but chuck in the added oddity of a group of second-rate boybanders rapping in terribly clichéd and broken English and it becomes – for native English speakers at least – an even more perplexing, some might say endearing, occasion…

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Approval of Spanish mortgages up 7.3% year-on-year


These days, Spanish banks and finance houses are undoubtedly much more willing to approve mortgages than they used to be.

For those thinking of buying a home in Spain, 2016 certainly looks like being a good year, and to that end national daily El País was prompted to run an article on the subject of mortgages – and how to choose the best deals – earlier this month…

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Spain ranked best place in the world for solo travel


Travellers hoping to see the world on their own can find no better place for solo travel than Spain.

Getting away from it all to find one’s inner self is becoming ever more popular as people have greater disposable incomes, travel becomes cheaper and the world opens up.

But solo travellers thinking of heading to the traditional “inner journey” locations of Thailand, Cambodia or South America need not look so far from home because a new report has found that Spain is actually the best country in the world in which to travel alone…

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Spanish property transactions increase for 18th month in a row

The Spanish property market has enjoyed 18 months of sustained growth as prices, mortgages and number of buyers all increase

For the 18th month in a row, the number of homes sold in Spain has grown, according to new data published this week by the country’s General Council of Notaries.

This sustained recovery of the housing market is great news for would-be investors and current homeowners, bringing with it steady price increases, growing market confidence and greater interest from many different buying groups…

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Brits and Irish turn to safe Spain in their droves in 2016

Stunning beaches, great weather - with Spain, it's guaranteed.

Mainland Spain is proving a particularly attractive destination for Brits and Irish seeking safe summer sun this year.

Sun-seeking holidaymakers from the UK and Ireland are set to make this year another bumper year for Spanish tourism as fears of terrorist attacks elsewhere drive people to the Iberian peninsula…

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Spain set to receive Netflix rival in form of HBO streaming service


HBO is preparing to go head-to-head with Netflix in Spain.

Lured by Spain’s high rate of broadband-ready consumers and web subscribers who opt out of pay TV, American TV network HBO is preparing to launch a standalone web service in Spain, putting it in direct competition with Netflix, which launched in the country last October…

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Author: 21/01/2016 [7] Comments 

Brits lead the way as foreigners spend €63bn in Spain in 2015

Brits spent €40 million per day in Spain during the first 11 months of last year.

Not only do Brits comprise the largest group of foreign investors in Spanish property, but they are also far-and-away the biggest spenders in the country… and the gap on the rest appears to be growing.

Data from Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE) has revealed that for the first 11 months of last year, British tourists spent €13.4 billion in Spain, more than 20% of the total €63 billion brought into the country by foreign tourists during that period…

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Cameron’s tax credit ban could affect British expats


To ward off criticism of the Tories’ plan to ban EU nationals from receiving in-work benefits, the PM may also extend this to returning Brits.

In seeking a compromise with the EU on ways to make the UK stay as part of the European Union, David Cameron has instructed his ministers to look into whether to extend a tax credit ban on foreign workers to Brits who have lived abroad for four years or more…

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