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Costa del Sol food bank calls on expats for help


BANCOSOL needs 5,000 volunteers to lend a hand between November 27 and 28 at supermarkets across the Málaga province.

Expatriates living on the Costa del Sol have been urged by the BANCOSOL food bank of Vélez-Málaga to lend a hand, give up their time and donate much-needed food as part of the food bank’s annual Gran Recogida food drive.

The campaign is to be held at the end of November and is targeting thousands of the – largely wealthy – expats who call the Costa del Sol their home to help out…

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Mortgage availability behind uptick in Spanish property market

40,000 homeowners with Blackstone as their mortgage provider will have more flexibility under the new plans.

Looser lending criteria is meaning more mortgages are being issued right across Spain.

Official data from Spain’s notaries published last week has revealed that the number of property transactions in Spain in the second quarter of the year rose once more in all 17 Spanish regions except for Navarra.

Driving this upturn is the easier availability of Spanish mortgages, with the number of mortgages granted in the country between April and June rising 26% on the same period last year…

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Spain’s Amancio Ortega now world’s richest man, says Forbes


The Zara tycoon is worth more than €70 billion, according to Forbes.

A couple of decades ago the boom in home PCs propelled Microsoft founder Bill Gates to the top of the world’s rich-list. From relative obscurity to one of the world’s most recognisable geeks, Gates eventually learned to revel in his role as world’s richest man, setting up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and giving a huge amount back to the society that made him.

Now it would seem that similarly publicity-shy clothing tycoon Amancio Ortega – who has long been Spain’s richest man – may have to call on Gates for some lessons in PR as it was revealed by Forbes that the Spaniard has become the richest individual on the planet…

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Costa del Sol remains best-value holiday destination

Heading to Spain will increase your chances of enjoying a summer fling, the survey found.

Holiday essentials are more affordable on the Costa del Sol than other leading resort destinations.

Families seeking an affordable holiday should head to the Costa del Sol after resorts in the region were once again named as the most affordable among the world’s more popular destinations.

A study by Post Office Travel Money revealed that the region works out cheaper than 11 other popular resorts for tourist essentials…

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Where is the love? Study shows where Brits are most welcome


Ampilot’s map of Europe shows that the further east one goes, the less friendly towards Brits the continent becomes.

Brits abroad get a bad rap. Despite the millions of euros they pour into many of the continent’s most popular (read, most popular with Brits) destinations, in a lot of places they are at best tolerated, at worst openly despised.

So runs the rhetoric, anyway

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Spaniards not app-rehensive about mobile purchases

Checking your mobile banking on the go.

One-in-three online purchases in Spain are made via mobiles.

Spaniards are among the most tech comfortable people in the world, with one-in-three electronic purchases made in the country coming via mobile technology, a new study by The App Date – an app review service – has found…

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Property in prime Spanish regions delivering returns, reports FT


Property in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Málaga and most parts of the Costa del Sol is beginning to deliver returns to investors.

Homes in many of Spain’s more popular areas have begun to generate good returns for investors who gambled on Spanish property during the lean years, reports UK newspaper the Financial Times.

Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and parts of the Costa del Sol are those Spanish regions where recovery has been most pronounced. Pent-up demand for affordable housing is now slowly being met as mortgage lenders have begun to loosen their belts and grease the wheels of the market…

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Netflix to land in Spain on October 20


Put your feet up for winter: Netflix is imminent in Spain.

The wait is almost over. Just before the clocks go back, the weather dips slightly and the wind picks up, online streaming service Netflix will launch in Spain to the delight of millions of TV and movie fans across the country…

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After Paris, London and New York, Chinese investors head to Spain


Spain’s cultural attractions are beginning to turn Chinese heads, as is the country’s recovering property market.

Some of the world’s wealthiest real estate investors hail from China, a land where the rich are astoundingly rich and the poor are, well, dirt poor. A growing middle class aside, China’s wealth divide has widened in recent years, prompting many of the country’s tycoons to seek safer havens for their money than China itself…

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Brits account for one-in-five Spanish properties sold to foreigners


The data shows that one-fifth of all properties sold to foreigners in Spain are bought by Brits.

Data from Spain’s land registry – the Colegio de Registradores – has confirmed what many leading real estate experts have long suspected: British buyers are far-and-away the largest single group of foreign buyers when it comes to Spanish property…

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