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Spain economic growth outperforms Germany in first quarter

More and more Spaniards are finding meaningful work in the country as the economic recovery continues.

So far in 2016, the Spanish economy is among one of the best performers in the Eurozone.

The 2015 resurgence of Spain’s economy has continued encouragingly into 2016, with data published at the weekend by the country’s Markit Composite PMI Index revealing that Spanish GDP grew by 0.6% in the first three months of the year…

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British homeowners in Spain win £2.6m tax payout


Non-residents who inherited Spanish property were overcharged inheritance tax, but EU courts have ruled that the money must be paid back – with interest.

Spanish authorities have refunded €3.3 million (£2.6 million) in taxes to British holiday homeowners who were overcharged inheritance tax…

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Spanish workers among keenest in Europe to stay in home country when seeking next job


While Spain’s economy is not the strongest in Europe, it is improving rapidly, and the majority of Spaniards now want to stay home when looking for work.

Despite Brits’ evident love affair with all things Spanish – the climate, the property, the food, the beaches – one aspect of life in Spain that is arguably weaker than that found in the UK is employment…

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Expats find that assimilation requires work, but rewards are worth it, says study

More than a third of British expats lead a 'British lifestyle' in their adopted country

To enjoy life overseas, assimilation of the new culture is of high importance for most expats.

It is a message often repeated by VIVA, and generally heeded by Brits hoping to move to Spain: being a successful expat requires a fair bit of work, but the rewards are worth it…

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Spain would adopt GMT if Rajoy re-elected


Spain’s timezone anomaly has been a curious thing for 70 years, but acting PM Mariano Rajoy has pledged to adopt GMT if he wins re-election.

In recent months Spain has given serious consideration to shifting its clocks back one hour in order to adhere to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and bring the country in line with its geographical position at the western edge of Europe.

Spain’s acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy has revisited the issue, stating this week that should he win re-election then he would push through the change – a change that he believes will offer Spaniards a better quality of life…

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Enjoy a drink? Then head to Spain – the most libertarian place in Europe


Lovers of a tipple or two should be saying ‘cheers’ to Spain’s relaxed attitude towards alcohol…

The dreaded phrase ‘Nanny State’ is often used to deride certain rules, laws and policies designed to mollycoddle the populace and strip citizens of their agency for free thought and actions…

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22% of tourists to Spain in February were British, data shows


Spain has enjoyed another strong start to the year in terms of its excellent tourism industry.

British holidaymakers flocked to Spain in their droves in February, comprising 22 per cent – more than one in five – of all foreign visitors to the country for the month, data from the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE) has revealed.

In total, February saw 3.7 million tourists visit Spain, of which 807,000 came from the UK. Overall, this figure amounted to a 13.7 per cent increase on the same month in 2015, highlighting Spain’s enduring and growing popularity as Europe’s leading holiday destination. For British visitors, the increase was even sharper at 17.1 per cent…

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No evidence for Brexit-driven expat exodus from Spain, says report


Far from being a fearful issue on the lips of Brits in Spain, a potential ‘Brexit’ is more worrying because of apathy rather than angst among expats.

Brits living in Spain have grown used to the scaremongering of the British media when it comes to all things Spain-related.

From the headlines predicting economic Armageddon a few years ago to the more recent ‘fleeing in their droves’ pieces, the news outlets of the UK have nearly always been wide of the mark when it comes to gauging the mood among Brits on the Costas…

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CBRE forecasts 5% price increase for Spanish property this year


Home values are expected to rise by 5.9% this year, with sales up 20%, according to CBRE.

Real estate experts CBRE expect house prices in Spain to rise by an average of five per cent in 2016 as increases in sales and new build construction drive values upwards.

The CBRE’s recent Real Estate Market Outlook has outlined a series of positive indicators for Spain’s residential housing market, finding that more homes will be sold, more new houses will be built and the volume of unsold properties will reduce significantly over the course of the year…

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Spanish property enquiries soar in 2016

Spain has enjoyed a memorable summer, and it's not over yet...

2016 has been a great year so far for Spanish property.

Property hunters around the world are searching for homes in Spain in ever-greater numbers, according to new data from’s latest Hotspots Index.

The index has revealed that the number of searches related to Spanish real estate has almost doubled so far this year compared to 2015, with the country dominating the Top 50 rankings list…

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