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Online retail giant Amazon to create 1,000 new jobs in Spain


The distribution centre near Barcelona will mean Spanish customers will receive their orders much more quickly.

US online retailer Amazon has announced that it is preparing to open a new distribution centre in Barcelona that will create hundreds of new jobs for the region.

The company is also preparing to expand its current logistical centre for Spain, which lies just outside Madrid in San Fernando de Henares, from 32,000 square metres to 75,000 square metres. Combined with the new planned centre for Barcelona, Amazon estimates that it will require 1,000 new positions to be filled…

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Car share app Uber eyes return to Spain


Banned last year, Uber is changing its rules in order to enter the Spanish market, which it hopes to do in 2016.

Just weeks after Spain finally welcomed US streaming service Netflix to its shores, California-based car-sharing startup Uber is preparing for the second time to launch in the country.

Judges banned Uber’s first attempt to enter the Spanish market in December last year, with the courts ruling in favour of a lawsuit brought by Spanish taxi drivers arguing that the service contravened certain tax and regulation loopholes that typical taxi firms had to abide by…

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Spanish court blocks Catalonia breakaway attempt


Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has labelled Catalonia’s actions as “undemocratic”.

The Constitutional Court of Spain has this week formally blocked secession proceedings from Catalonia in a further deepening of the standoff between Madrid and the northern region…

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Costa del Sol food bank calls on expats for help


BANCOSOL needs 5,000 volunteers to lend a hand between November 27 and 28 at supermarkets across the Málaga province.

Expatriates living on the Costa del Sol have been urged by the BANCOSOL food bank of Vélez-Málaga to lend a hand, give up their time and donate much-needed food as part of the food bank’s annual Gran Recogida food drive.

The campaign is to be held at the end of November and is targeting thousands of the – largely wealthy – expats who call the Costa del Sol their home to help out…

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Spain dissolves parliament as date set for General Election


Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has set the date for the General Election as December 20.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has formally dissolved parliament this week as the country buckles down for the forthcoming General Election, now officially called for December 20.

In signing the decree to dissolve parliament as is tradition, Rajoy took the opportunity to remind voters that, despite the tough years of the Popular Party’s (PP) time in office, Spain’s economy has been transformed from one of Europe’s bleakest to one of its brightest

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12 Spanish airports now offer free WiFi


Wait, WiFi, fly: Spanish airports will soon boast free WiFi for all passengers.

The strange, expensive and sometimes downright boring world of airports has just gotten a little more pleasant today following the news that Spanish state operator AENA is to provide free WiFi across 12 of its airports – including Málaga – from this week…

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Spain receives credit rating upgrade from S&P


A number of Spain’s best-performing industries, such as winemaking, tourism and the automobile sector, have enjoyed a solid recovery in 2015.

Standard & Poor’s, the world-renowned credit agency, raised Spain’s credit rating to BBB+ at the weekend, which is three levels above junk status and the highest rating the country has enjoyed since the recession.

In May 2014 Spain was upgraded by S&P to BBB, and now – with the country’s outlook rated as ‘stable’ by the agency – the new BBB+ level means Spain is now three levels above non-investment grade…

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As Catalans vote Yes, Spain to tell them No

Catalans go to the vote

Catalans may point the way towards independence, but Madrid is set to block any binding vote on the matter.

Catalonia’s pro-independence parties got the result they wanted on Sunday’s regional election, winning an absolute majority that they say now gives them a “clear mandate” to press for independence from the rest of Spain.

But despite the bullish positivity eking out of the region, Madrid has held firm, saying that the separatists had “failed” in their mission because they were unable to secure an overall majority of votes, winning 72 of 135 seats to fall just short of 50% of the parliament…

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High street brands’ profits soar as Spanish consumer confidence returns

Zara is Inditex's flagship brand, and supremely profitable.

The name Inditex might not mean much to the average Joe or Jane on the street, but the clothing empire’s high street fashion brands certainly roll easily off the tongue for anybody who has ever spent a decent amount of time in Spain.

Zara, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Oysho and Uterqüe are all highly recognisable fashion brands across Spain and many parts of Europe and throughout the world, and are all owned by Inditex – which was founded by Galicia-born Armancio Ortega, who is known globally as Spain’s richest man

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Obama reiterates US desire for strong, unified Spain

President Obama met with the Spanish Royals this week at the White House.

With the Spanish Royal family in the United States this week – King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia are on their first official visit stateside to meet the US president – Barack Obama has expressed his ‘deep commitment’ to a strong and unified Spain

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