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Are the slopes of northern Spain home to Europe’s first yeti?


Can you guess what it is yeti? Did a skier in Spain capture a yeti walking through the snowy peaks of the Aramón resort?

Skiers have a lot to worry about: those pesky beginners getting in everybody’s way; the tough decision of whether to traverse the black runs to impress your ski party; negotiating the après-ski bar at speed, and trying hard to find the perfectly pitched tone for your humble-brag Facebook posts (“Sore ankles after another day on the slopes – and I might be sunburnt! Pass me the wine!”), but now those lucky enough to enjoy the splendour of northern Spain’s Formigal resort can add another concern to that list – the chance of bumping into a full-size, mystical yeti

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Málaga Spain’s best city for life satisfaction


Stunning, affordable, friendly, accessible and blessed with that Costa del Sol climate, Málaga is a real gem of a city.

Can’t get no satisfaction? Then head to Málaga – the Andalusian city has been ranked as Spain’s best city in terms of providing its citizens with a ‘satisfactory’ lifestyle, and also ranks as one of the best in the EU for good living.

Data from a new Eurobarometer survey has found that Málaga places 11th of 79 European cities when it comes to quality of life, perhaps surprisingly beating out all other Spanish cities in the process…

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Spain economy grew 3.2% in 2015 as recovery takes firm hold

The Bank of Spain is the central national bank and the supervisor of the spanish bank system. On the first half of 2012 it has endured a lot of criticism for its possible responsibility in the banking crisis, specially because of the Bankia cases. This building, one of the official Bank of Spain headquarters, is located at plaza de Cataluña, Barcelona, Spain.

The Bank of Spain has welcomed the latest data, not least because recovery has been driven largely by domestic consumption.

Amid concerns that a new global economic crisis could be in the offing later this year, Spain’s economic performance in 2015 offered plenty of encouragement.

As predicted by many leading economists towards the end of last year, the Spanish economy grew by 3.2% in 2015 – putting the country towards the leading pack of strengthening European economies

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Spanish second-most popular language on Facebook and Twitter


On social media, Spanish is second to English as the world’s most widely used language.

English is (perhaps ironically) known as the lingua franca of the world, with more people speaking it as a second language than any other. Whether at a bar in Germany, a restaurant in Thailand or hiking through the hills of Peru, chances are that a smattering of English gets most people a long way.

French, Chinese and Spanish have each long jostled for second-place in this unofficial chart, and new data released this week appears to show that Spanish has won the battle royale

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Spanish King wades in to try to resolve parliament deadlock

Spanish King Felipe (L) and acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy pose before their meeting at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, Spain, January 22, 2016. REUTERS/Andres Ballesteros/Pool

King Felipe of Spain (left) met with the four main party leaders last week, and will do so again next week to try to break the current Parliament deadlock.

The ongoing deadlock at governmental level in Spain could be resolved next week, with the four main party leaders due to meet King Felipe to try to reach an agreement on how best to form a parliament as soon as possible.

Since the vote on December 20 last year left no party with a significant majority, Spain has been left in limbo as the various parties concerned – the Popular Party (PP), Podemos, Ciudadanos and the Socialists – seek a compromise that could prove workable…

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IMF ups growth outlook for Spain


The IMF expect Spanish growth to outstrip that of the US, Japan and Canada this year.

Following on the heels of the Bank of Spain – which raised its 2016 growth forecast to 2.8% just two days after the country’s inconclusive general election on 20 December – the International Monetary Fund predicts that the Spanish economy will grow by 2.7% in 2016 and by 2.3% in 2017

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Brits and Irish turn to safe Spain in their droves in 2016

Stunning beaches, great weather - with Spain, it's guaranteed.

Mainland Spain is proving a particularly attractive destination for Brits and Irish seeking safe summer sun this year.

Sun-seeking holidaymakers from the UK and Ireland are set to make this year another bumper year for Spanish tourism as fears of terrorist attacks elsewhere drive people to the Iberian peninsula…

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Spain set to receive Netflix rival in form of HBO streaming service


HBO is preparing to go head-to-head with Netflix in Spain.

Lured by Spain’s high rate of broadband-ready consumers and web subscribers who opt out of pay TV, American TV network HBO is preparing to launch a standalone web service in Spain, putting it in direct competition with Netflix, which launched in the country last October…

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Brits lead the way as foreigners spend €63bn in Spain in 2015

Brits spent €40 million per day in Spain during the first 11 months of last year.

Not only do Brits comprise the largest group of foreign investors in Spanish property, but they are also far-and-away the biggest spenders in the country… and the gap on the rest appears to be growing.

Data from Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE) has revealed that for the first 11 months of last year, British tourists spent €13.4 billion in Spain, more than 20% of the total €63 billion brought into the country by foreign tourists during that period…

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King’s sister becomes first Spanish Royal to stand trial


Princess Cristina married Iñaki Undangarin in 1997, but both could now face lengthy spells behind bars. Photo source: AFP.

The trial of Princess Cristina of Spain began on Monday, making immediate history: this is the first time that a member of the Spanish royal family has been tried by the country’s justice system…

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