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Summer’s here – just look at the job market


Busy beaches, busy bars and balmy nights signal summer’s arrival in Spain, and the boost the season delivers to the job market arrives like clockwork.

In Spain, there are a great number of indicators that serve to signal summer’s arrival: the rising mercury, the busy streets, the abundance of relaxed and happy-looking tourists shuffling about the beaches and bars of the Costa del Sol… going by these parameters, summer has well and truly arrived across many parts of Spain (current damp weather excepted, of course!)…

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Spanish King confirms re-election date of June 26


The Spanish King has spoken, and Spaniards must cast their votes again on June 26 in the hope of selecting a ruling party.

It was always likely to end this way, but now King Felipe VI of Spain has confirmed that the country will have to go once again to the polls on June 26 to recast their votes in a repeat of the general election…

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It’s settled: long-term Brit expats cannot vote in EU Referendum


The High Court rejected the claim that the UK’s 15-year rule barring long-term expats from voting was illegal.

At the weekend the British High Court ruled against a legal challenge by two long-term British expats to have the controversial “15-year rule” rescinded, meaning that Brits who have lived outside the UK for more than 15 years will not be allowed to vote in the EU Referendum on June 23…

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Majority of Brit expats planning to vote to remain in EU, survey finds


67% of British expats polled said that they plan to vote to remain in the EU.

A survey by English-language newspaper The Local has found that the majority of British expats in Europe plan to vote to remain in the European Union (EU) in the forthcoming referendum…

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Spanish rulemakers propose more flexible working hours


Presenteeism is not really a Spanish thing, but certainly more flexible working hours would be welcome.

The fallacy that Spaniards are somewhat workshy was put to bed many years ago during the depths of the economic crisis as Brits, Germans and other Europeans welcomed hardworking but unemployed-at-home Spaniards to their shores.

Because in truth, Spaniards have always worked hard. In Spain, working hours are among the highest in Europe, as is productivity: when a Spaniard is at work, they work…

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Spain’s booming tourism sector set to grow a further 3.8% this year


Even in the winter months, resorts such as Puerto Banús are adept at drawing the crowds.

It has driven the Spanish economic recovery, put smiles – and a healthy glow – on the faces of millions of Brits every year, and has been responsible for one in five of all jobs created in the country so far this year – and now Spain’s superb tourism industry is on course for a bumper 2016…

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High Court hears Brit Expat case on EU Referendum vote

Long-term expats feel both European and British… and should be able to have their say on events connected to both. Copyright: Jonathan McHugh

The British High Court in London yesterday heard the legal challenge put forward by two committed British expats to have the so-called ‘15-year rule’ – which denies Brits who have lived away from the UK for 15 years or more the right to vote in general elections and the forthcoming EU Referendum – abolished

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Author: 21/04/2016 [1] Comment 

Repeat elections on the cards for Spain this summer


The political impasse remains, meaning Spaniards will likely have to go to the polls again on June 26.

The months-long political deadlock that has followed last December’s general election looks set to ultimately end with Spaniards asked to go back to the polls in June…

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Exact number of Brits in Spain still unknown


Many Brits who own a holiday home in Spain do not live there permanently, but do spend a large portion of the year in Spain.

Is it two million? More? Less? Maybe 750,000? The exact number of Brits who live in Spain remains unknown, official sources have said, largely because of the difficulty in registering and recording who lives where, and for how long.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last week claimed that there were “nearly three-quarters of a million British people living in Spain” when he waded into the EU Referendum debate…

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Spanish airports enjoy bumper March as passenger numbers up 14%


Málaga airport has so far this year welcomed 14.4% more passengers than at the same point in 2015.

With Easter falling a few weeks earlier than normal this year, some tourism experts had worried about the impact that could have had on travel spending. After all, a sunny, dry Easter is far more enjoyable than a wet and windy one. And an Easter in mid-April is far more likely to deliver those conditions than one at the end of March…

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Author: 15/04/2016 [2] Comments 
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