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2015 hottest on record for Spain

Life in Spain makes you look and feel good.

Spain has enjoyed its hottest year ever in 2015.

Data published by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) last week revealed that 2015 is likely to be the hottest year on record for Spain.

The longest-ever heatwave recorded began on June 27 and lasted for almost a month, through to July 22, during which temperatures in many parts of Spain exceeded 40ºC for many days straight

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Online retail giant Amazon to create 1,000 new jobs in Spain


The distribution centre near Barcelona will mean Spanish customers will receive their orders much more quickly.

US online retailer Amazon has announced that it is preparing to open a new distribution centre in Barcelona that will create hundreds of new jobs for the region.

The company is also preparing to expand its current logistical centre for Spain, which lies just outside Madrid in San Fernando de Henares, from 32,000 square metres to 75,000 square metres. Combined with the new planned centre for Barcelona, Amazon estimates that it will require 1,000 new positions to be filled…

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Urging Spaniards to dine quietly? Good luck!


The bustle of a typical Spanish bar is one of its main attractions… but not for those with hearing impairments.

When it comes to stereotyping Spaniards, there are a few hard and fast rules that are – because they’re accurate and generally non-offensive – essential: you have to label them passionate; recall their universal love for children; praise their footballing and culinary skills and, finally, admit that they can be, at times, rather loud

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Three hidden benefits of owning a home in Spain

is the sun setting on Russians' ruble-fuelled love affair with Marbella?

A property in Spain offers much more than just a sunny bolthole and future nest egg.

A stylish, stunning, money-making property overlooking the Mediterranean: this is no mere pipedream, but the reality for many thousands of Brits who own a home in Spain.

There are many obvious benefits to such an investment, not least the chance to have a year-round bolthole in the sun, a nice little nest egg and a home away from home. But what are the hidden benefits that owning property in Spain brings?

Beyond the obvious attractions, investing in a property in Spain will also mean…

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Spain provides second-highest life expectancy in the world

If you want to be healthy, happy and professionally content, then head to Spain.

Spaniards have low rates of heart disease and suicide thanks to their healthy diet and strong social and familial ties.

In the latest life expectancy report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Spain was ranked second among all advanced economies, behind Japan…

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The three life skills every successful expat needs

The job world's your oyster once you've lived overseas.

Say ‘yes’ more often, challenge as much as you accept, and get a good broadband provider…

You can read all the self-help books you like. Tell yourself time and time again to be open-minded. Study Spanish. Save your cash. Buy a nice home overlooking the Med. Cut your ties with the old country and try your hardest to embrace life in the new one… and still you might fail.

Living abroad is a fantastically enriching experience, but it does not come easy to everybody. The stresses of a new culture, a new climate, a new rhythm, can prove overwhelming, as can some of the more innocuous things like supermarket opening hours, day-to-day interactions with strangers, and the lack of a good pub serving your favourite tipple.

However, none of these perceived shortcomings should be enough to deter you from making the move, nor enjoying your life abroad, so long as you learn to look at life in the same way that successful expats the world over do.

Sure, having an open mind and a grasp of the lingo will help no end, but first – master these three life skills and the rest of your time living as an expat will be a doddle…

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Costa del Sol food bank calls on expats for help


BANCOSOL needs 5,000 volunteers to lend a hand between November 27 and 28 at supermarkets across the Málaga province.

Expatriates living on the Costa del Sol have been urged by the BANCOSOL food bank of Vélez-Málaga to lend a hand, give up their time and donate much-needed food as part of the food bank’s annual Gran Recogida food drive.

The campaign is to be held at the end of November and is targeting thousands of the – largely wealthy – expats who call the Costa del Sol their home to help out…

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Living abroad leads to ‘enlightened nationalism’, study finds

Life's a beach for retirees who plan their move to Spain carefully.

You move abroad, you learn to love your new land… and appreciate the home you left behind.

Travel broadens the mind – that little sound-bite has served people well over the centuries, and is as accurate today as it has always been. But as the world becomes a little more fluid, with more and more people moving overseas for work and leisure than ever before, a new study has revealed something interesting about the psyches of those who do make the move…

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Spaniards laugh off jamón health fears


One slice or two? Jamón is one of Spain’s best-loved and healthiest delicacies, despite what the WHO report says.

A study published last week by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which suggested that processed meat should be considered as likely a cause of cancer as cigarettes, asbestos and plutonium, has been laughed off by Spaniards raised on a diet rich in that classic Iberian staple, jamón.

The WHO study naturally took aim at the worst examples of cheap, processed meat – think Turkey Twizzlers, frozen burgers and grey-looking sausages – but also included the classic Spanish creation in its report, grouping jamón together with all other types of meat…

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Think you’re integrated in Spain? Take the test


There are many faces of an integrated Brit in Spain – how and where do you fit in?

Just because you wake up late, go to bed late and like to take long lunches doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fully integrated into the Spanish way of life (and it may mean you simply enjoy the good things in life a little too much).

Nor does speaking Spanish, eating nothing but jamon and olives, and insisting on using that thumb-and-pinky extended hand signal when enquiring whether anybody wants a drink make you a full-blown Spaniard – although it sure will make you appear like one to many…

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