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Snowfall arrives in Sierra Nevada as ski season nears


The Sierra Nevada ski resorts are already dusted with the first layer of winter snowfall of 2015.

As September disappears into the rear view mirror, thoughts across much of Europe begin to turn to crisp autumnal mornings and a colourful kaleidoscope of foliage emerging across the tree canopies of the continent…

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Retired expats settle into life abroad more quickly than the young, poll finds

Older Couple Walking Along Beach

Retired expats are more likely to make their new country a home, more quickly, than the younger age group.

The expat tide may have turned – with a growing number of Brits heading for a new life overseas increasingly likely to be aged 25-35 – but when it comes to embracing a new country and culture, nobody quite does it like the pensioners do

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British expats getting younger, study finds

The number of British 25-35 year olds moving abroad has increased dramatically since 2011.

There was a time, probably from the mid-‘80s onwards, when the image of a typical British expat was easy to define.

Brits who lived abroad were of a certain vintage – at least 50-years-old – and loved nothing more than a good, old-fashioned British-red tan, life existing within a small triangle of beach, bar and greasy spoon cafe, and any attempts to learn the local language stretched barely any further than a few mumbled words of thanks

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Spain tops chart for expat social life and healthcare in latest survey

Safety, family life, socialising, healthcare and culture: if you’re an expat searching for these things, Spain is hard to beat.

The latest HSBC Expat Explorer Survey has published data this week that reveals Spain is considered the best expat destination in the world for an active social life and top-notch healthcare…

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Spanish life expectancy still one of the best in the world

Sunshine, buckets of fresh air and an endless, affordable supply of this stuff means Spaniards live healthily for a very long time.

Studies have long-proved the benefits of living a Mediterranean lifestyle, with all of the wealthy western nations that border the Med enjoying average life expectancies that exceed much of the rest of Europe, and most of the world.

And data published this week by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has revealed that Spain is pulling away – along with France and Italy – from the rest of the continent when it comes to life expectancy…

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Three ways Spain owned summer 2015

Spain has enjoyed a memorable summer, and it's not over yet...

Recent sodden downpours aside, Spain continues to enjoy summertime living, and will bless its residents with shorts and t-shirt weather well into November, and sometimes beyond.

While most of the rest of Europe cranks up the knob on the central heating and switches out their flip-flops for something a little more snug, Spain’s summer goes on. And the summer of 2015, while it doesn’t have quite the same ring as ’69, will go down as a memorable year in more ways than one…

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Irish media fawns over Marbella’s glossier side

Is there more to Marbella than this? Why, yes, and the Irish Independent managed to find it.

The reputation of Marbella extends across the world, but is it always accurate? There can be no doubt that its image as a playground for the rich and famous is accurate, and that listers from A-Z flock there all year round to revel in the glamour, the glitz and the prestige that comes with being seen in one of the world’s coolest resorts, where supercars and megayachts are such a common sight as to be almost mundane…

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Number of multimillionaires in Spain hits record level

Spain has 471 people who boast assets of more than €30 million - a record.

Despite – although many may argue because of – the recent economic downturn, the number of individuals registered as multimillionaires in Spain has reached record levels, recent data has revealed.

Although employment in Spain remains at around 22% (down from a high of more than 27% during the peak of the crisis), the country now has 471 people who have declared assets of more than €30 million – and that figure is set to rise before the end of 2015

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'Beast' Jesus painting to get its own musical

Behold the... monkey? The botched Jesus painting is now one of Spain's most famous pieces of artwork.

At the time there was plenty of guffawing and not a little shock and outrage: how could an amateur pensioner have been let loose on the restoration job of one of the most beloved, valuable and historic pieces of art at Borja’s Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy church?

In 2012 that is exactly what happened. Part-time curator Cecilia Giménez was tasked with the touching-up job of the 120-year-old Ecco Homo (Behold the Man) fresco of Jesus Christ… and managed to mess it up spectacularly…

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Expert expat tips: dealing with a life lived overseas

Yes there will be stress, but moving abroad can be a wonderfully enriching experience.

Invariably, a move abroad delivers a boost to one’s overall wellbeing. Life becomes more exciting, full of new experiences and encounters that put a spring in the step and a smile across the face.

But new and exciting can also mean uncomfortable and challenging. For every uplifting experience there can sometimes come a moment that deflates a new expat, and a recent survey by expat networking group InterNations found that there were recurring series’ of problems that expats of all ages seemed to face, including the loss – or lack – of a personal support network, an alien language and culture, as well as things such as finding a relationship and getting ahead professionally

These are not trivial matters, which is why the Telegraph’s excellent expat page on its website has sought the advice of two experts to offer up a handy couple of tips and hints to help the British expat navigate life overseas more easily.

Here is a selection of the best snippets of advice…

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