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Brits abroad getting the message as electoral registrations soar


The number of Brits abroad registered to vote has grown by 80,000 in the past two months as the EU referendum looms.

It is a lament repeated almost as often as the tired old cliché that Brits abroad never learn the local language: the myth that no Brit who lives overseas is interested in voting in UK elections.

However, new figures from the Electoral Commission have shown that the message that Brits abroad can and should have their say in UK matters is finally getting through…

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Tesco strikes deal with El Corte Inglés to sell UK favourites in its stores

Black friday no El Corte Inglés . Saldos .

El Corte Inglés famously ‘has it all’, and will soon be stocking Tesco food produce sourced directly from the UK.

Brits in Spain have it easier than most other expats when it comes to getting their hands on home comforts, and now things are about to get a whole lot more convenient following the news that UK supermarket giant Tesco has signed a wholesale deal with department store El Corte Inglés…

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International students vote Spain best place to study abroad


Madrid ranked as the best place in Europe for overseas study, with Seville and Barcelona also scoring highly.

A new poll by Uniplaces has found that Spain is considered the best place to study abroad by Erasmus students.

The survey results placed Madrid in first place, while two other Spanish cities – Seville and Barcelona – featured in the top ten at places fifth and seventh respectively

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Spain calls on Unesco to recognise tapas on cultural heritage list


The varied, mouthwatering delights of Spanish tapas – from the ingredients, to the very way of dining – are angling for Unesco recognition.

Spain has given the world many things: Flamenco, Sherry, Bullfighting, Julio Iglesias and millions of hours of unfortunate sunburn, but perhaps the country is best known – and best loved – for its contribution to gastronomy

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Waiter of the Year competition shines spotlight on Spain’s excellent service


Spanish waiting staff pride themselves on their professionalism, and the results are there for all to see.

Frequent a British pub, café or restaurant with a non-Brit and two things are bound to happen. First, your foreign guest will likely gush at the surprisingly good quality of food and choice of drink on offer (it seems the old stereotype of the UK being a land of warm bitter and bland food stubbornly persists, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary), but secondly, they are likely to be left aghast at the lack of professionalism shown by your server…

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British consular calls reveal typical anxieties of Brits abroad

Mixed race woman with shattered cell phone

Brits abroad, whether on holiday or as expats, often call the local consulate with some weird and wacky questions.

While there may be a ‘stock’ image of the quintessential Brit abroad that most people have in their minds, anybody who has ever set foot in Spain, either as a holidaymaker or an expat, will know full well that Brits in Spain come in all types

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Spanish workers among keenest in Europe to stay in home country when seeking next job


While Spain’s economy is not the strongest in Europe, it is improving rapidly, and the majority of Spaniards now want to stay home when looking for work.

Despite Brits’ evident love affair with all things Spanish – the climate, the property, the food, the beaches – one aspect of life in Spain that is arguably weaker than that found in the UK is employment…

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Expats find that assimilation requires work, but rewards are worth it, says study

More than a third of British expats lead a 'British lifestyle' in their adopted country

To enjoy life overseas, assimilation of the new culture is of high importance for most expats.

It is a message often repeated by VIVA, and generally heeded by Brits hoping to move to Spain: being a successful expat requires a fair bit of work, but the rewards are worth it…

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Enjoy a drink? Then head to Spain – the most libertarian place in Europe


Lovers of a tipple or two should be saying ‘cheers’ to Spain’s relaxed attitude towards alcohol…

The dreaded phrase ‘Nanny State’ is often used to deride certain rules, laws and policies designed to mollycoddle the populace and strip citizens of their agency for free thought and actions…

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Seville’s splendour gets the big screen treatment on Channel 4


Rob Delany (left) and Richard Ayoade spent 48 hours in Seville, and loved every minute of it…

Good Friday and time to settle down in front of the gogglebox. Easter TV in the UK is usually a mixed bag of new Springtime specials, made-for-TV biblical epics and, of course, the Great Escape

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