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Spain receives credit rating upgrade from S&P


A number of Spain’s best-performing industries, such as winemaking, tourism and the automobile sector, have enjoyed a solid recovery in 2015.

Standard & Poor’s, the world-renowned credit agency, raised Spain’s credit rating to BBB+ at the weekend, which is three levels above junk status and the highest rating the country has enjoyed since the recession.

In May 2014 Spain was upgraded by S&P to BBB, and now – with the country’s outlook rated as ‘stable’ by the agency – the new BBB+ level means Spain is now three levels above non-investment grade…

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As Catalans vote Yes, Spain to tell them No

Catalans go to the vote

Catalans may point the way towards independence, but Madrid is set to block any binding vote on the matter.

Catalonia’s pro-independence parties got the result they wanted on Sunday’s regional election, winning an absolute majority that they say now gives them a “clear mandate” to press for independence from the rest of Spain.

But despite the bullish positivity eking out of the region, Madrid has held firm, saying that the separatists had “failed” in their mission because they were unable to secure an overall majority of votes, winning 72 of 135 seats to fall just short of 50% of the parliament…

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Obama reiterates US desire for strong, unified Spain

President Obama met with the Spanish Royals this week at the White House.

With the Spanish Royal family in the United States this week – King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia are on their first official visit stateside to meet the US president – Barack Obama has expressed his ‘deep commitment’ to a strong and unified Spain

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Spain ‘best example that Europe is doing things right’ says German finance minister

Wolfgang Schaeuble believes Spain is setting an example for others to follow.

The Finance Minister of Europe’s strongest economy has publicly and vocally praised Spain as an example that others should follow as the continent continues to pull itself out of the economic mire.

Wolfgang Schaeuble, Germany’s Finance Minister, speaking at a business conference in Berlin, said: “Spain is the best example that we’ve done a lot of things quite right in Europe…”

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Spanish economy to end the year strongly, says minister

The third and fourth quarters are set to replicate the growth already experienced in Spain so far this year.

From sick bed to poster child – Spain’s recovering economy is set to grow by a further one per cent in the third quarter of the year, ensuring a strong end to 2015 following a similarly strong beginning.

A busy summer tourism season and increased domestic consumer spending has helped spur the economy over the past couple of months, and the pace of growth is expected to continue through to December, confirmed Spain’s economy minister Luis de Guindos…

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Spain’s king and queen to visit White House in September

The popular King and Queen of Spain will meet President Obama in September.

Spain’s increasingly popular Royal couple – King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia – are due to meet with US President Barack Obama at the White House on September 15 as part of their official royal visit stateside

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Spain job market best it’s been for four years

More and more Spaniards are finding meaningful work in the country as the economic recovery continues.

Spain’s unemployment level is at its lowest rate in four years, with expectation growing that the country’s recovering economy is leading to faster job creation than first projected…

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EU to abolish data roaming charges within two years

If people needed yet another excuse to stare into their phones all day, this is it.

It’s one of those small annoyances that makes travelling abroad slightly more troublesome than necessary – the mobile phone roaming charge.

Ever since mobiles became part of our every day lives almost two decades ago, the idea of visiting a foreign country and making a call has been enough to send even the deepest of suntans a shade of fearful pale…

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Brit expats have little to fear if UK exits EU, report states

Millions of Brits living across the EU would be permitted to stay put should the UK leave the union.

An investigative report by the UK’s Daily Telegraph newspaper has found that millions of British expats who live across Europe have little to fear if the UK does vote to leave the European Union (EU)…

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Expats in Spain sent $10bn back home last year

Money makes the world go round... and expats are sending a lot of it back home.

Spain’s economy has long been powered in part by the millions of non-Spaniards who work in the country to enjoy its varied industry, EU protections and excellent lifestyle.

But data recently published by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has revealed that some of the country’s internal wealth is finding its way to foreign countries by migrant workers sending money home to family.

In 2014, the IFAD calculates that $9.6 billion (€8.6 billion) was sent by migrant workers overseas, putting the country near to the top of the charts when it comes to redistributing cash and capital around the world…

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