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Brits abroad getting the message as electoral registrations soar


The number of Brits abroad registered to vote has grown by 80,000 in the past two months as the EU referendum looms.

It is a lament repeated almost as often as the tired old cliché that Brits abroad never learn the local language: the myth that no Brit who lives overseas is interested in voting in UK elections.

However, new figures from the Electoral Commission have shown that the message that Brits abroad can and should have their say in UK matters is finally getting through…

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Author: 11/05/2016 [0] Comments 

Spanish King confirms re-election date of June 26


The Spanish King has spoken, and Spaniards must cast their votes again on June 26 in the hope of selecting a ruling party.

It was always likely to end this way, but now King Felipe VI of Spain has confirmed that the country will have to go once again to the polls on June 26 to recast their votes in a repeat of the general election…

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Who needs a government? Spain economy thriving without one, says Santander


Politicians, who needs ’em? Not Spain apparently, which is doing just fine right now without a government.

David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy Hunt, Nigel Farage and all the others had better take note – Spain’s economy is actually thriving right now despite the country having been run without a government since December last year…

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Author: 02/05/2016 [0] Comments 

Majority of Brit expats planning to vote to remain in EU, survey finds


67% of British expats polled said that they plan to vote to remain in the EU.

A survey by English-language newspaper The Local has found that the majority of British expats in Europe plan to vote to remain in the European Union (EU) in the forthcoming referendum…

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Author: 27/04/2016 [2] Comments 

High Court hears Brit Expat case on EU Referendum vote

Long-term expats feel both European and British… and should be able to have their say on events connected to both. Copyright: Jonathan McHugh

The British High Court in London yesterday heard the legal challenge put forward by two committed British expats to have the so-called ‘15-year rule’ – which denies Brits who have lived away from the UK for 15 years or more the right to vote in general elections and the forthcoming EU Referendum – abolished

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Author: 21/04/2016 [1] Comment 

Repeat elections on the cards for Spain this summer


The political impasse remains, meaning Spaniards will likely have to go to the polls again on June 26.

The months-long political deadlock that has followed last December’s general election looks set to ultimately end with Spaniards asked to go back to the polls in June…

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Author: 20/04/2016 [0] Comments 

Spain calls on Unesco to recognise tapas on cultural heritage list


The varied, mouthwatering delights of Spanish tapas – from the ingredients, to the very way of dining – are angling for Unesco recognition.

Spain has given the world many things: Flamenco, Sherry, Bullfighting, Julio Iglesias and millions of hours of unfortunate sunburn, but perhaps the country is best known – and best loved – for its contribution to gastronomy

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Spain would adopt GMT if Rajoy re-elected


Spain’s timezone anomaly has been a curious thing for 70 years, but acting PM Mariano Rajoy has pledged to adopt GMT if he wins re-election.

In recent months Spain has given serious consideration to shifting its clocks back one hour in order to adhere to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and bring the country in line with its geographical position at the western edge of Europe.

Spain’s acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy has revisited the issue, stating this week that should he win re-election then he would push through the change – a change that he believes will offer Spaniards a better quality of life…

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Author: 05/04/2016 [0] Comments 

No evidence for Brexit-driven expat exodus from Spain, says report


Far from being a fearful issue on the lips of Brits in Spain, a potential ‘Brexit’ is more worrying because of apathy rather than angst among expats.

Brits living in Spain have grown used to the scaremongering of the British media when it comes to all things Spain-related.

From the headlines predicting economic Armageddon a few years ago to the more recent ‘fleeing in their droves’ pieces, the news outlets of the UK have nearly always been wide of the mark when it comes to gauging the mood among Brits on the Costas…

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Author: 31/03/2016 [0] Comments 

One in three expat retirees plan to return to UK at some point, poll finds


Most Brits who have retired abroad intend to stay in their adopted home, but one-third believe they will move back to the UK at some point.

A recent poll by NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB) has found that one third of Brits who have retired abroad intend to return to the UK at some point…

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