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Spain’s economic recovery accelerates towards year end

Rajoy has a plan, and he's sticking to it

The General Election on December 20 will go some way to determining Spain’s economic performance in 2016.

Comments from the Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos suggest that Spain’s economy has strengthened further towards the tail-end of the year following a solid third quarter that represented the fastest growth across the entire eurozone…

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Car share app Uber eyes return to Spain


Banned last year, Uber is changing its rules in order to enter the Spanish market, which it hopes to do in 2016.

Just weeks after Spain finally welcomed US streaming service Netflix to its shores, California-based car-sharing startup Uber is preparing for the second time to launch in the country.

Judges banned Uber’s first attempt to enter the Spanish market in December last year, with the courts ruling in favour of a lawsuit brought by Spanish taxi drivers arguing that the service contravened certain tax and regulation loopholes that typical taxi firms had to abide by…

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Meet Marc Elliott: "Being able to communicate well with lenders and clients is essential to this business."

Marc Elliott of Fluent Finance Abroad and his partner Kelly

Marc Elliott of Fluent Finance Abroad and his partner Kelly

Marc Elliott is the British expat and brains behind Fluent Finance Abroad, the mortgage specialists based in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella. Providing clients with the most appropriate form of finance to purchase their dream home abroad, Marc – being half Spanish – has taken to life on the Costa del Sol like the proverbial duck to water. When he’s not hard at work sorting out people’s mortgages, Marc can be found relaxing on the beaches of Conil in Cádiz or occasionally belting out some top tunes in a karaoke bar…

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12 Spanish airports now offer free WiFi


Wait, WiFi, fly: Spanish airports will soon boast free WiFi for all passengers.

The strange, expensive and sometimes downright boring world of airports has just gotten a little more pleasant today following the news that Spanish state operator AENA is to provide free WiFi across 12 of its airports – including Málaga – from this week…

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Shopping tourism: a Spanish idea we can all get behind


Shopping and tourism naturally go hand-in-hand, and Spain is hoping to nurture that relationship further.

The things that Spain does well – better than any other country in fact – are largely rooted in its natural assets. Its beaches are glorious, its weather more so, and its landscape and close proximity to the UK make it a perennial favourite for all types of tourists…

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Spain receives credit rating upgrade from S&P


A number of Spain’s best-performing industries, such as winemaking, tourism and the automobile sector, have enjoyed a solid recovery in 2015.

Standard & Poor’s, the world-renowned credit agency, raised Spain’s credit rating to BBB+ at the weekend, which is three levels above junk status and the highest rating the country has enjoyed since the recession.

In May 2014 Spain was upgraded by S&P to BBB, and now – with the country’s outlook rated as ‘stable’ by the agency – the new BBB+ level means Spain is now three levels above non-investment grade…

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As Catalans vote Yes, Spain to tell them No

Catalans go to the vote

Catalans may point the way towards independence, but Madrid is set to block any binding vote on the matter.

Catalonia’s pro-independence parties got the result they wanted on Sunday’s regional election, winning an absolute majority that they say now gives them a “clear mandate” to press for independence from the rest of Spain.

But despite the bullish positivity eking out of the region, Madrid has held firm, saying that the separatists had “failed” in their mission because they were unable to secure an overall majority of votes, winning 72 of 135 seats to fall just short of 50% of the parliament…

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Moneycorp exchanges currency for ‘hockey on horseback’

Rough-and-tumble: Polo at Santa Maria Polo Club

Steamy Jilly Cooper novels, the movie Pretty Woman, the fact that Stewart Copeland from music group The Police is an avid player and a vague awareness that Argentinians are quite good at it – that was the embarrassingly basic knowledge I had of the game of polo before I was kindly invited to the famous Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande by the good folks at currency exchange company Moneycorp for the 44th Torneo Internacional de Polo…

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Spain’s economic growth surpasses UK

Spain's economic recovery is set to continue, with the country on course for an impressive 3.2% growth in GDP this year.

The Spanish economy grew by 0.9 per cent in the second quarter of the year, outstripping Britain’s own recovering fortunes in the process.

The UK – which is enjoying the benefits of a strong pound and falling jobless rates – grew by 0.7 per cent in the second quarter of the year, but was surpassed by the Spanish juggernaut that is on course to grow by around 3.2 per cent this year…

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Spanish airport sold for €10,000

Ciudad Real airport opened in 2008 but has not handled a single commercial flight.

Spain’s infamous Ciudad Real airport – which became a symbol of the country’s recent boom-bust construction industry – has been sold to a group of international investors for just €10,000 – 100,000 times less than it cost to build.

Located south of Madrid, Ciudad Real airport has stood as a white elephant for the past few years. Having opened in 2008 just as the global financial crisis struck, the €1 billion airport never went into full commercial operation, and has stood largely empty ever since…

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