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Tesco strikes deal with El Corte Inglés to sell UK favourites in its stores

Black friday no El Corte Inglés . Saldos .

El Corte Inglés famously ‘has it all’, and will soon be stocking Tesco food produce sourced directly from the UK.

Brits in Spain have it easier than most other expats when it comes to getting their hands on home comforts, and now things are about to get a whole lot more convenient following the news that UK supermarket giant Tesco has signed a wholesale deal with department store El Corte Inglés…

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Is Prince’s unsold Marbella villa a Sign o’ the Times for homebuyer tastes?


Prince’s former Marbella villa is back on the market and back in the headlines following the artist’s death.

Sadly departed musician Prince, who died earlier this month from as-yet-unknown-causes, was famous for many things: his musical prowess, his flamboyance, his diminutive stature, his love of the colour purple… but for many who have lived in southern Spain his name is synonymous with a certain unique type of décor, grandeur and kitsch – and all because of the ‘Prince Villa’.

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Spanish airports enjoy bumper March as passenger numbers up 14%


Málaga airport has so far this year welcomed 14.4% more passengers than at the same point in 2015.

With Easter falling a few weeks earlier than normal this year, some tourism experts had worried about the impact that could have had on travel spending. After all, a sunny, dry Easter is far more enjoyable than a wet and windy one. And an Easter in mid-April is far more likely to deliver those conditions than one at the end of March…

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Spain economic growth outperforms Germany in first quarter

More and more Spaniards are finding meaningful work in the country as the economic recovery continues.

So far in 2016, the Spanish economy is among one of the best performers in the Eurozone.

The 2015 resurgence of Spain’s economy has continued encouragingly into 2016, with data published at the weekend by the country’s Markit Composite PMI Index revealing that Spanish GDP grew by 0.6% in the first three months of the year…

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Spanish workers among keenest in Europe to stay in home country when seeking next job


While Spain’s economy is not the strongest in Europe, it is improving rapidly, and the majority of Spaniards now want to stay home when looking for work.

Despite Brits’ evident love affair with all things Spanish – the climate, the property, the food, the beaches – one aspect of life in Spain that is arguably weaker than that found in the UK is employment…

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Spanish wages on the rise as economic recovery blooms


With the sharpest increase in real wages for more than 15 years, Spaniards now have more cash in their pockets than this time last year.

New data from Spain’s Institute of National Statistics (INE) has revealed that the average Spanish worker enjoyed nearly a 2% pay increase in 2015 – the first such nationwide rise for more than a decade.

The INE stats showed that, in the fourth quarter of last year, the average gross salary in Spain stood at €2,026.14 per month, which represented a 1.7% increase on the same period in 2014…

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Largest number of Málaga business startups since 2007

Largest number of Malaga business startups since 2007

The province of Málaga recorded the creation of no fewer than 5,177 new companies in 2015.

With property sales, mortgage approvals and holiday bookings all increasing by leaps and bounds, the latest affirmation that Spain’s economic recovery is well and truly taking hold, this time comes in the shape of business startups – and the news that the province of Málaga (home to the Costa del Sol), recorded the creation of no fewer than 5,177 new companies in 2015, the highest number since the days before the crash in 2008…

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So the EU referendum date is set… is Brexit a possibility?


British Prime Minister David Cameron is a believer that the EU, and the UK, are stronger together, but will let the people decide on June 23.

Put the date in your diaries – June 23rd, a Thursday at the height of summer; a date that could shape the destiny of not just the UK, but the whole of Europe.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has set that date for the UK’s In/Out referendum on Europe, catching many in the media who thought the date would be much later in the year (possibly even 2017) off guard…

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Spain economy grew 3.2% in 2015 as recovery takes firm hold

The Bank of Spain is the central national bank and the supervisor of the spanish bank system. On the first half of 2012 it has endured a lot of criticism for its possible responsibility in the banking crisis, specially because of the Bankia cases. This building, one of the official Bank of Spain headquarters, is located at plaza de Cataluña, Barcelona, Spain.

The Bank of Spain has welcomed the latest data, not least because recovery has been driven largely by domestic consumption.

Amid concerns that a new global economic crisis could be in the offing later this year, Spain’s economic performance in 2015 offered plenty of encouragement.

As predicted by many leading economists towards the end of last year, the Spanish economy grew by 3.2% in 2015 – putting the country towards the leading pack of strengthening European economies

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Spain set to receive Netflix rival in form of HBO streaming service


HBO is preparing to go head-to-head with Netflix in Spain.

Lured by Spain’s high rate of broadband-ready consumers and web subscribers who opt out of pay TV, American TV network HBO is preparing to launch a standalone web service in Spain, putting it in direct competition with Netflix, which launched in the country last October…

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