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Images of the Week 9: Share the Passion... Easter Week in Málaga

April 6th, 2012 No Comments  

Location: Málaga, Costa del Sol, Spain

Only three countries – Spain, Italy and Israel – are world renowned for the splendour, devotion and sheer intensity of their week-long Easter celebrations. For those on the Costa del Sol, Málaga’s 8-day ‘Semana Santa’ festival – running uninterrupted from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday and classified as being of International Tourist Interest – is absolutely in a class of its own. Not nearly as sombre as you might imagine, Holy Week isn’t just a religious event. It’s also a celebration of spring and the renewal of life in general. So as the sacred meets the hedonistic… and Christian and pagan influences seamlessly merge, an atmosphere
that’s both totally unforgettable and entirely unique is the inimitable result. Just take a look at these stunning images captured by VIVA’s own resident photographer Jorge Morales, and you’ll see what we mean!

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